Instrumental mixture of metal with orchestra and electronics. Some heavy guitar moments some beautiful, nice and calm playing and some scarry, pathetic stuff. great as a background for movies nad commercials.

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Written By: Tomasz Dudzinski

I never let this day to come again
And never be the one who stops and fails
I never let you give me your name
And the same mistake never never again

When I see your face I feel all the blame
I’ve been living the same fear every day
And I’m never gonna make the same mistake
And it goes again and it’s still the same

Now I see your face and I feel the rage
I’ve been searching for things found yesterday
And I let you give me your name again
And the same old oath never never again

And I promise I’ll never be some else
Never be the one who they expect
And I promise I never do this again
Never waste my time never hate nor regret
And I promise I’ll be here for you night and day
I’ll be true and I’ll never hurt you again
And I try so hard to understand
Why this “Never” always comes back to me again