Avishai Barnatan

Avishai Barnatan

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Unique string & wind instruments, ancient and modern, from various musical traditions, Mixed with overtone singing and gentle percussion. Showers of cleansing sound create a transforming and healing experience, relaxing the busy mind, evoking emotions and imagination.



In the realm of sound, time and space are infinite, your soul is free to fly.... to dream.

Enchanting vocals blend with unique string and wind instruments, both ancient and modern, from various musical traditions. Overtone singing, pure natural sounds and gentle percussion, all carefully mixed on state of the art equipment and cooked at high temperature, are the makings of "Ark Of Dreams".

This creation is part of a voyage exploring sound and music as a tool for physical and emotional transformation.

Avishai Bar-Natan plays on a myriad of wind instruments, a facilitator of healing through music workshops, a member and a co-founder of the world music ensemble "SHEVA".

In "ARK OF DREAMS" his intention is to create a sound environment that enhances imagery and emotional flow, massaging the ears and soul and reducing body, mind stress levels.
Using simple melodies, repetitive patterns and specially chosen instruments, each composition is a gateway to a different reality.

The water essences, ever-changing and flowing, as are the emotions, wash through and connect the parts of the journey.

Listen with your heart



Ark of Dreams - 2001
Sheva - Live In Australia - 2005 - Winner of the Live Performance - Album Category for the 2007 Independent Music Awards.
Sheva - Garden - 2002
Sheva - Day & Night - 1999
Sheva - Celestial Wedding - 1997
‘SPIRIT ISREAL’-devotional Jewish texts world music - 2006
‘MR.SLEEP&THE FLYING GREEN TOAD’- children world music songs - 2006