Ark Peninsula

Ark Peninsula

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS WITH DON AND JON OF APG. DAN SWEENEY AND DAN CRUMP RECOMMENDED WE PLAY!! We are a new Electro Rock/Metal band out of Cleveland Ohio. We put on a major performance live with tons of energy! We have recently been getting a lot of major radio exposure as well as national press!


Ark Peninsula was founded by Adamo Fiscella in early 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ark Peninsula built itself from the ground up with the help of no one except the members themselves. Although having many influences, the unique sonic delivery of Ark Peninsula is parallel to none. With the use of many synthetic and acoustic elements, Ark Peninsula delivers a very distinctive sound with all the catchiness of the mainstream but without the predictability. The subject matter, lyrically, remains dignified and poetic without trendy ideas and typical heartbreak stories. There is only so much that words can say. The music speaks for itself.

We share the sounds of 30 seconds to mars, Attack Attack, Chevelle, Killswitch engaged, and Deftones. We can play with the best rock bands out there!



Written By: Adamo Fiscella

Everyone tries to be like they've got it figured out without a worry,
I'll tell what that is wishful thinking
Witha fool's aspirations
and one-sided opinions
no rationale or patience
just cry without a reason
this is why I can't stand a problem so obvious

I cannot take the pain
I will not die in vaine

I swear to God its everytime I take the pain
I'm the only one the loneliest one

Forever anticipate the direction that they tend to take,
As predictable and typical everytime
It's like needles in my ear to hear you bitch and complaining,
always up at arms with your hands in the air saying

This is why I can't stand a problem so ovbious

I cannot take the pain
I will not die in vaine

I swear to God its everytime I take the pain
I'm the only one the loneliest one

The Dead Are Waiting

Written By: Adamo Fiscella

Get on your knees and pray
because what is cannot be undone
Go tell everyone it won't be ok
but then again who cares

I still feel you
Am I the one who is insane
And I still here you
In my head

I am sorry for the path I've chosen
A choice I made to be free
The waiting dead
The the dead are waiting

Get on your knees and say
That I am my only god
Fuck all the rest your all the same
you will never change
then you die alone

But I still feel you
Its so obvious I'm insane
And I still feel you
Then he said

I am sorry for the path I've chosen
A choice I made to be free
All is gone but the purest of insanity
Laid to rest but not me

Repeat chorus


Written By: Adamo Fiscella

The worst is over now and I can breathe in
I cannot tell you what my eye's have seen

This is a story from deep within
Witness first hand
Deny or believe

Its over, Its over the weight I wear has subsided
It's over It's over I gave my life for a song

Resolution was all I needed
Embodied with veins of kerosine
Lets play with fire

It's over, It's over the weight I wear has subsided
Try to be the words
forgetten yesterday

chorus repeat

it's over the solice it's over the peace of mind has gone to the wayside it's over it's over it's over I gave my life for a song

Faith of Fortune

Written By: Adamo Fiscella

Acidic, Blood rains like a monsoon
Run with it, Let the current take you
We are phantoms innate
Not one with a conscience
I'll continue to hate and repeat the cycle

Faith of Fortune
Come and spin the wheel
Have the guts to define
This ultimate design

Contagious, Spreading seeds of disaster
Its so pathetic, is this all that you stand for
I am trying to say what most are affraid of
Live life submissively with faith and blindly hope there is something better after this


The hands that feed are far better than the lips that prey nothing can be more idiotic or obsured that this
so get up

Seek the weak, gain there trust
falsify, lead the way, if anyone disagrees, grab a gun
start a war

Come and join me
mutiny fills the air
be the one who will die
with a fist and a battle cry


Our hit singles 'Enemy Cyborg' and 'Subhuman' have been featured on many college and some major radio stations including Rovers Morning Glory and The Alan Cox Show. We currently have a self titled, 10 track, independently released LP out right now. The tracks are up and streaming on multiple websites for download through almost every online media outlet.

Set List

Depending on the circumstances, we play all of our high energy songs. We have plenty of material to last a night, but we prefer to deliver a half hour to 45 min worth of in-your-face shit!