This is a very unique style of music, its not quite acoustic folk music and its not quite heavy metal, it is a style that can only be described with one word- Arktype.


We started playing together in the winter of 2001. At first our styles were derived from two completely different genres of music, Drew had the Pearl Jam acoustic sound going and H-Man had the heavy ass Pantera riffage thing. We really didnt click well at first, then we started writing our own songs. We knew we were on to something, we had some crazy sounding shit that nobody had done yet. This developed into a style of full blown musical ownage, then you call it Arktype and there you have it.


When You Needed

Written By: Arktype

Where should I go
Where should I wait for you
I am so lost
I am so confused

I said I'd love you
I said I'd try
To always be there
When you needed

As you walk away
I feel my heart start to fall
Fall as you say
You don't love me at all

(2nd Chorus)
I said I'd hold you
I said I'd wait
And when you were in pain
I'd be there for you

Red America

Written By: Arktype

My hero my protector of evil
You wear the badge that leads our life
You see I know that you think you're above me
But that badge don't make you right
You're doing great protecting and serving
Make sure to watch out for our kids
You say we shouldn't abandon our country
Why, that's what the boy's in D.C. did
Sometimes the truth hurts don't it
Well, let me lay it on thick for you

You say we're the ones causing the problem's
Well we say it's you
It's our right to stand up and rob them
Of all they are and start our own new

I'm tired of war I'm tired of all that plagues this land
A Red America grows stronger everyday
Getting rich finding oil in foriegn sand
Caring not for the youthful lives at stake
Well, I just wish that they could step foot in our shoes
See what it 's like to live a lie
The ones in power have not a damn thing to lose
Won't even send their own kids to fight.

You say we're the ones causing the problems
Well we say it's you
It's our right to stand up and rob them
Of all they are and start our own new


Red America- Single
When You Needed- Single

Set List

We have a shitload of songs.
1.Heaven Dont Agree
2.Dont Be Fooled
3.When You Needed
4.Fight For The Free
5.Fly Away
6.Fuck*n A
7.Great Analogy
8.Dance of the Deceiver
9.The End
10.Sipping Brandy
11.Red America
12.We Come Bearing Riffs
13.Light of the Latter Days
14.My Evil Son
15.Voice In My Head

To name a few....we have many more.