Arlan Feiles  and the Broken Hearted
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Arlan Feiles and the Broken Hearted

Warrington, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Warrington, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter




"Arlan Feiles and the Broken Hearted- "Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers""

Arlan Feiles is a patient man. He has experienced sights, sounds and relationships that most artists can only dream about. Sometimes that can be worse than never succeeding at all. The feeling of replaying a near miss is a painful and introspective experience for the performer who dreams bigger than everyday life. But Feiles, a piano tuner by trade, has never been one to give in and put on a tie for anything but a funeral or a wedding.

Feiles’ first true taste of success came with the band Natural Causes down in Miami, Florida. That union led to the recording, Bomb In A Shelter, which was the springboard that Feiles would use to push his music into the eventual attention field of Chris Blackwell (Island Records) and the production cradle of Dave Grohl.

That series of events would also lead to the eventual partnership with the legendary Tom Dowd, the man who was responsible for engineering and producing artists such as Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart, The Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson and so many, many others. Feiles relationship with Dowd was that of student and mentor and that led to the recording of Troubled Monkey.

Dowd poured his soul and knowledge into Feiles’ enthusiastic mind. The two worked late into many a night, honing Feiles into a seasoned and laid back troubadour of the times. He was thrown into the big leagues head first by Island Records and Dowd, and that magical record included appearances by most of the Band, including Levon Helm as well as Rick Danko and keyboardist extraordinaire, Garth Hudson.

Dowd’s death from emphysema in 2002 was a huge personal setback for Feiles, who, upon losing his friend, took to the American highway for solace, drifting in and out of honky tonks and bars with his dog, Theo. He sold his CDs out of the back of his truck and did what he does best—continued to write and play music to anyone who would listen.

He would eventually come back on track by heading east and landing in the burgeoning Williamsburg scene of Brooklyn, where he formed a band called Gift Horse, and set about shaping what would eventually become “I’ve Got To Tell Ya.” That song became extremely popular and was used in the Ed Burns film, Sidewalks Of New York.

Feiles’ venture with The Lone Howdys and evolution to The Lone Orchestra, (a 12-piece Americana band) generated a relationship with producer Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra (Marilyn Manson), and that partnership culminated in two high-level vehicles that put Feiles back on the playing field. The first was Razing A Nation, a disc that started turning heads here in the east and immediately garnering “Hot Tip” placement on the Euro Americana charts.

But to me, the project that put Feiles back in the actual ball game was Come Sunday Morning, a disc that yielded a number 15 placing on the Euro Americana charts. Arlan’s “Out Of The Dirt” was used in the award-winning film Handsome Harry and at least seven tunes can still be heard on the MTV show, 16 And Pregnant.

Arlan is back to further that success with a brand new disc that continues where Come Sunday Morning left off. His studio band is one of the strongest and the sounds are amazing on Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers.

Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers opens up with “Top Of The World,” a Glenn Tilbrook flavored number that features a palpitating, hypnotic bassline and a Fender Roads intro that paves the way for Feiles to muscle straight into the verse. Arlan’s voice is an interesting combination of Warren Zevon meets Ryan Adams with the distinct warble of Johnny Cash, and it’s immediately fitting. Backbeats pump as organs sustain across the middle. The guitar work percolates Steve Cropper style throughout, and features a dark, Harrison style slide in the middle eight that really lifts the song up into the final chorus.

His production collaboration with Falestra’s signature sounds is evident on “Fire Drill.” Liquid effects bump and roll lazily across the track with what I can only describe as sounds a submarine pilot might hear at 300 meters. Arlan leads off with a sparse, piano driven theme that centers the listener on his stark and gritty verse. Feiles hits hard with the chorus on this blue collar tune. Melodic and catchy, Feiles’ compositional swing ensures that you keep hitting rewind as he puts the hook in you. The Springsteen meets Chris Robinson vibe brings forth visions of dust-filled rest stops as staging stations for life on the back roads of America. But make no mistake, the style here is all Feiles, as he spins despondent visions of never-ending exasperation chased far too long out on the road to nowhere.

“Viola” is a sophisticated mainstay from Come Sunday Morning and it holds its ground well against the current material. My guess is that this was included due to it being more in sync with this new direction than it had on that previous release. Whatever the case, “Viola” is a phenomenal song. The track leads off with warm bells, pianos and horn surge - The Aquarian

"Hurricane Arlan"

"If songwriters were bad weather, Hurricane Arlan would be a category 5...he'll blow you away" - GREG BAKER - The Miami Herald - Miami Herald

"Word Pictures"

ARLAN FEILES – Razing A Nation (Y&T Music, 6705 147 Ct. Miami FL 33193)
Arlan Feiles is a singer/songwriter recently relocated to NYC.
This home-recorded album, with just acoustic guitar, harmonica, and a little piano,
paints stark word pictures that can’t help but evoke the early Dylan, Leonard Cohen,
and acoustic Neil Young. Broken-hearted love songs contrast with topical folk songs
like the powerfully anti-war “Sign Up,” and the American anthem “Born To This Country,”
which could have been an outtake from Springsteen’s Nebraska by way of Woodie
Guthrie. Some nice ‘pickin’, evocative harp, and Feiles’ gritty, earthy vocals should
appeal to all fans of modern folk.
– Jim Testa
- Jersey Beat, NJ

"Continental Divide"

"Arlan is a gifted songwriter...
pulsating and passionate performances" - Billboard Magazine


"Arlan is like a modern Bob Dylan, but he sings a sight better...
Arlan is a gem" - Tom Dowd / Producer

"The New Lone Ranger"

"A while back he sent Upstage a copy of his disc "The Ballad of a New Lone Ranger" and it simply blew me away....if you're looking for a great singer-songwriter record be sure to pick a copy's been a constant play in our cd player.... they do an excellent job of finding some of the best talent in the tri-state area - Arlan Feiles is a perfect example"
-Gary Weis - Upstage MAgazine, NJ

"Quintessential American Sonwriter"

Singer-songwriter Arlan Feiles is the quintessential American songwriter.
Lonely, unwavering, and filled with purpose, Feiles writes to bare the simple
core of the most complicated themes, be it matters of the heart
or a nation's betrayal
-Rene Alvarez - Street Weekly

"Run, Don't Walk"

Listen Up friends, If you happen to come across the name Arlan Feiles
in you travels, run, that's right run, don't walk to hear this Garwood, New Jersey
based, multi-talented singer/songwriter. I was fortunate enough to catch Arlan at
The Indigo Coffeehouse in Aberdeen last Friday night and I'll tell you this, I won't
soon forget it. Alternating between his Roland electric piano and his acoustic
guitar/harp, Arlan gave one of the most inspired performances I have seen in a
Opening up with a haunting rendition of "Sign Up" (anti-war protest/reminiscent
of Richard Shindell) from his 2003 debut release entitled Razing a Nation (The
Ballad of a New Lone Ranger), Arlan just blew me away emotionally. Whether
the subject matter was life and death, love and hate or war and peace, Arlan Feiles
impressed with a gem after original gem including "All Because of You" (picked it up
with the slightest hint of George Harrison), "Ride" (terrific change of pace),
"Worthless" (great songwriting/ wonderful keys), "Change" (Oh Yeah), "Listen to Your
Heart Talk" (killer new tune), "Katie Truly" (a very interesting funky little #),
"I Just Want to Hold Her" (heartacher & heartbraker), "The Truth About You" (oh those
keys), "I Will Come for You" (another winner from latest), "I Wonder" (magic),
"The New Lone Ranger" ( excellent vocal & a.g. /Dave Mallonee & the V.O.L.'s would love it),
"How Do You Say Goodbye" (longing and loss/ Arlan lets it all hang out), "Take Care
of Yourself" (moving ballad/ perfect closer).
Look. Arlan Feiles is an ol' time troubadour not only in dress, manner and look,
but most importantly in voice, talent and soul. From his unforgettably haunting vocals
to his superior songwriting skills and versatile musicianship Arlan Feiles is a unique talent.
And with each of his original songs offering up a new vision, as well as a kaleidoscope of
sounds, Arlan Feiles is a long overdue breath of fresh air on today's local scene.
Hey, L.A.'s loss is the Shore's gain. And while his CD, Razing a Nation (The
Ballad of a New Lone Ranger) is a very good listen, Arlan Feiles is a must see!
Oh, Yeah. You can check out Arlan and his band The Lone Howdys on Friday, January 21
at The Saint in Asbury Park. I'll see you there!

Uncle Mike - Two River Times Red Bank,NJ


"Razing a Nation" Not-Pop records 2007
"Come Sunday Morning" Not-Pop Records 2009
"Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers" Not-Pop Records 2012



If songwriters were bad weather, Hurricane Arlan would be a category 5
hell blow you away
Greg Baker- The Miami Herald

In the tradition of many great troubadours before him, Los Angeles native Arlan Feiles has made his way across the American landscape and found himself a new home in New Jersey. All Along the way, Arlan has shared stages with some of the great legends of Music. The Band, The late Warren Zevon, Hot Tuna, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Warren Haynes, Dave Mathews, Bob Pollard, and many more.
During a long stop In Miami Florida, Arlan found a great deal of success with roots rock band Natural Causes. The Causes line-up featured Arlan, Joel Schantz and Sean Edelson on guitar, Jim Wall on drums, Karen Feldner on Keyboard and Backing vocals; and a host of Bass players including Fred Freeman of Dungeon Studios, Matt Coogan and finally with SeanBird ManGould. At that time Sandra Schulman from Billboard Magazine said Arlan is a gifted songwriter with pulsating and passionate performances Soon finding a friend in legendary producer Tom Dowd, Natural Causes recorded two albums. One release called Bomb in the Shelter won for best album of the year by the Miami New Times. Natural Causes also won Best Rock Band accolades for the State of Florida and were the winners of Tanquerays National Best Band in America Contest.
The Causes run ended too soon, but Chris Blackwell of Island Records would take Arlan going solo, and signed him to his first record deal. Demos, recorded with Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame, became the inspiration for a new album. Tom Dowd and Arlan recorded Troubled Monkey that included tracks backed by the legendary group The Band, featuring Levon Helm, the late Rick Danko, and Garth Hudson. Arlan also enlisted former Causes guitarist Joel Schantz and Bassist Sean Gould for the album; and added Derek Murphy (FTN, Milk Can) on Drums. However, Trouble Monkey had its troubles, and never got off the ground.
Arlans relationship with Island was certainly a learning experience but absolutely only the beginning of the story. After they parted ways, Arlan hit the road playing shows in clubs and coffee houses across the country. One such tour saw Arlan playing 88 shows in 90 days, spanning 38 states. These tours were paid for by selling CDs out of the back of his van accompanied only by his loyal dog Theo.
This whirlwind tour ended in Brooklyn, NYC during the emerging Williamsburg art- rock scene. Arlan formed a band called Gift Horse with bassist Dan Green, and drummer Brad Gunyon. Gift Horse had a hit with a song called Ive Got to Tell Ya which found its way onto the soundtrack of Ed Burns Sidewalks of New York movie. Gift Horses alter ego The Lone Howdys grew into The Lone Orchestra, a 12 piece Americana Big Band; now a Jersey Shore favorite.
Since moving to NJ, Arlan has recorded two more solo albums with the help of legendary Miami Producer Frank Rat Bastard Falestra. The first, Razing a Nation, has been highly acclaimed and was a hot tip on the Euro-Americana Charts in June 2005. Uncle Mike from the Two River Times has called the album an American Classic. And although no longer living in Miami, Razing was again honored with the title of Best Album by the Miami NewTimes.
2007 had been busy for the prolific writer. Arlan saw the re-release of the sold out Razing a Nation on his new record label not-pop records and the year culminating with the honor of being recognized as Top Americana Artist and Top Keyboardist at the Asbury Music Awards in famous Asbury Park, NJ
The Second album was the highly anticipated Come Sunday Morning. This latest effort as an independent release, debuted at no.15 on the Euro Americana Chart and no. 24 on the FAR Chart.
Come Sunday Morning would go on to win the Asbury Music Awards Best Album honors that year and again Arlan would take home Top Keyboardist and Top Americana band honors
Arlan continues to be extremely busy performing and enjoying a great deal of radio play and T.V/ Film placements for many of his songs. Arlans song Out of the Dirt was placed in the award winning film Handsome Harry starring Steve Buscemi and Jamey Sheridan, and Currently you can hear 7 of Arlans songs on the now airing controversial MTV show 16 and Pregnant.
In 2012 Arlan will release "Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers". His first full band album in a decade. Joined by his group The Broken Hearted, Arlan has put together another great collection of songs that take the listener through an Americana voyage of truth and discovery. With Cover Art by Guided By Voices vocalist and collage artist Robert Pollard, this CD is a must own for any Audiofile. This CD is also avaiable in Vinyl from Arlan's website.