Arlan Feiles  and the Broken Hearted

Arlan Feiles and the Broken Hearted

 Warrington, Pennsylvania, USA

From modern folk songs to Rock and Roll to Orchestral Americana Landscapes. This provocative Alt-Americana singer songwriter performs In the acoustic traditions of Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie and the electric traditions of Modern Bands like Wilco, Dawes, and Band of Horses, and


If songwriters were bad weather, Hurricane Arlan would be a category 5
hell blow you away
Greg Baker- The Miami Herald

In the tradition of many great troubadours before him, Los Angeles native Arlan Feiles has made his way across the American landscape and found himself a new home in New Jersey. All Along the way, Arlan has shared stages with some of the great legends of Music. The Band, The late Warren Zevon, Hot Tuna, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Warren Haynes, Dave Mathews, Bob Pollard, and many more.
During a long stop In Miami Florida, Arlan found a great deal of success with roots rock band Natural Causes. The Causes line-up featured Arlan, Joel Schantz and Sean Edelson on guitar, Jim Wall on drums, Karen Feldner on Keyboard and Backing vocals; and a host of Bass players including Fred Freeman of Dungeon Studios, Matt Coogan and finally with SeanBird ManGould. At that time Sandra Schulman from Billboard Magazine said Arlan is a gifted songwriter with pulsating and passionate performances Soon finding a friend in legendary producer Tom Dowd, Natural Causes recorded two albums. One release called Bomb in the Shelter won for best album of the year by the Miami New Times. Natural Causes also won Best Rock Band accolades for the State of Florida and were the winners of Tanquerays National Best Band in America Contest.
The Causes run ended too soon, but Chris Blackwell of Island Records would take Arlan going solo, and signed him to his first record deal. Demos, recorded with Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame, became the inspiration for a new album. Tom Dowd and Arlan recorded Troubled Monkey that included tracks backed by the legendary group The Band, featuring Levon Helm, the late Rick Danko, and Garth Hudson. Arlan also enlisted former Causes guitarist Joel Schantz and Bassist Sean Gould for the album; and added Derek Murphy (FTN, Milk Can) on Drums. However, Trouble Monkey had its troubles, and never got off the ground.
Arlans relationship with Island was certainly a learning experience but absolutely only the beginning of the story. After they parted ways, Arlan hit the road playing shows in clubs and coffee houses across the country. One such tour saw Arlan playing 88 shows in 90 days, spanning 38 states. These tours were paid for by selling CDs out of the back of his van accompanied only by his loyal dog Theo.
This whirlwind tour ended in Brooklyn, NYC during the emerging Williamsburg art- rock scene. Arlan formed a band called Gift Horse with bassist Dan Green, and drummer Brad Gunyon. Gift Horse had a hit with a song called Ive Got to Tell Ya which found its way onto the soundtrack of Ed Burns Sidewalks of New York movie. Gift Horses alter ego The Lone Howdys grew into The Lone Orchestra, a 12 piece Americana Big Band; now a Jersey Shore favorite.
Since moving to NJ, Arlan has recorded two more solo albums with the help of legendary Miami Producer Frank Rat Bastard Falestra. The first, Razing a Nation, has been highly acclaimed and was a hot tip on the Euro-Americana Charts in June 2005. Uncle Mike from the Two River Times has called the album an American Classic. And although no longer living in Miami, Razing was again honored with the title of Best Album by the Miami NewTimes.
2007 had been busy for the prolific writer. Arlan saw the re-release of the sold out Razing a Nation on his new record label not-pop records and the year culminating with the honor of being recognized as Top Americana Artist and Top Keyboardist at the Asbury Music Awards in famous Asbury Park, NJ
The Second album was the highly anticipated Come Sunday Morning. This latest effort as an independent release, debuted at no.15 on the Euro Americana Chart and no. 24 on the FAR Chart.
Come Sunday Morning would go on to win the Asbury Music Awards Best Album honors that year and again Arlan would take home Top Keyboardist and Top Americana band honors
Arlan continues to be extremely busy performing and enjoying a great deal of radio play and T.V/ Film placements for many of his songs. Arlans song Out of the Dirt was placed in the award winning film Handsome Harry starring Steve Buscemi and Jamey Sheridan, and Currently you can hear 7 of Arlans songs on the now airing controversial MTV show 16 and Pregnant.
In 2012 Arlan will release "Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers". His first full band album in a decade. Joined by his group The Broken Hearted, Arlan has put together another great collection of songs that take the listener through an Americana voyage of truth and discovery. With Cover Art by Guided By Voices vocalist and collage artist Robert Pollard, this CD is a must own for any Audiofile. This CD is also avaiable in Vinyl from Arlan's website.



Written By: Arlan Feiles

Everything isnt quite what it seems
But Anything you want i can be
In your light I found my truth
It couldnt be easier to see that it was you

Anything My Love
Anything Ill do

Darlin please take my heart
I could do you no harm
Ive got your back right from the start
It wasnt just by chance we could come this far

Anything my love
Anything Ill do
Anything my love
Anything for you

I take this vow
I swear right now
Ill never shame you
Its not unfair
That youd be scared
And who would blame you

Im counting on you
And were bound to break through
And I dont need no proof
It couldnt be easier
to see its me and you

Anything my love
Anything Ill do
Anything my love
Anything for you
Anything my love
Anything Ill do


"Razing a Nation" Not-Pop records 2007
"Come Sunday Morning" Not-Pop Records 2009
"Weeds Kill The Wild Flowers" Not-Pop Records 2012