Arlene Hattori

Arlene Hattori


The HATTORI NEWELL PROJECT is ROCK derived with influences from the 80's to modern day. With vocal melodies that are contagious, music that is compelling and with two strong songwriters which gives variety of style within our own style.


Long-time Denver musician Arlene Hattori, whose vocal stylings have been compared to Stevie Nicks, explores love, life and the act of rediscovery in her first solo CD release, “Finding Myself Again,” a vivid collection of original compositions best described as, “thoughtful diary in music that provokes one to listen close … a chrysalis of realization.”
2005’s critically acclaimed Finding Myself Again. Drawing comparisons to Kirsty MacColl and vintage Everything But the Girl, Hattori has crafted an album of feel-good jangle rock with danceable touches of ‘80s synthesizer pop. With a voice that falls somewhere between the melancholy rasp of Stevie Nicks and the bittersweet crooning of MacColl, Hattori takes listeners back to the ‘80s without any of the cheese but plenty of emotional depth and warm hooks. To read some really great reviews goto: or click on the "press" link above.

Kenny Newell & his new songs to be released on his debut cd in early 2007. Please take a listen to some sample cuts.


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Set List

45 min to 1 1/2 hour set, original and cover tunes.
1. I Want To Know/A. Hattori
2. When I Looked Into Your Eyes/A. Hattori
3. Give It Up/A. Hattori
4. When The Nighttime Comes/A. Hattori
5. Frustrated Maryann/A. Hattori
6. Tangled and Dark/B. Raitt
7. Thank You For Being My Friend/A. Hattori
8. Right Thing/A. Hattori
9. Something So Sweet/A. Hattori
10. Open Arms/K. Newell
11. Something Right/K. Newell
12. Heartbeat/K. Newell
13. Maximum Soul/K. Newell
14. Gonna Need A Mama/K. Newell
15. Inside My Head/K. Newell
16. This Condition/K. Newell
17. Bully/A. Hattori