Arlene Kole

Arlene Kole

 Simi Valley, California, USA

Arlene Kole's music is a revealing look at a life Choices she made early on, preempted musical aspirations and gave rise to the powerful emotions. The album reflects the diverse influences in Arlene’s musical journey from jazz and pop to folk and bluegrass.


Arlene Kole’s story is many women’s story. At 46 years old, Arlene watches the last of her 3 children turn 18 and enters a new phase of life where she must redefine herself. Like many women, Arlene comes out of motherhood with trepidation and with questions of her value and self worth. It is the time that many women discover their strength and some accomplish extraordinary goals. Her challenges are every woman’s challenges and she sends a powerful and inspirational message to them. She now embarks on the music career she left behind 25 years ago….the music career she so desperately wanted got shelved for a quarter century while she married and raised a family.


“One Day” is Arlene’s debut album and is filled with incredibly insightful music about life as a wife and mother. The raw emotion of the songs and performances is breathtakingly beautiful as she fuses folk, jazz, pop and bluegrass.

From the hauntingly beautiful “Ghosts”, a retrospective on raising a family, to the anger of “I’m Leavin”, a snapshot of the bumps in the road in a marriage, Arlene’s voice digs into your soul in a way few artists can. “Skin Deep” addresses the concern of aging in a society that places such a high premium on youth and beauty. And “16” speaks to every parent on the pain of watching a child try to “fit in” during those turbulent teenage years.

Set List

One Day
Just Like You
Wife & A Mother
I'm Leaving
Skin Deep
Losing You
End Of A Dream
Every Second Of The Day
Wherever You Are Tonight (A parent's Lullaby)