Arliss Adou

Arliss Adou

BandR&BHip Hop

My music is very melodic hip hop and r&b. I love harmonies and creative beats. It's inspirational because my songs are about things that kids my age can, will, or have gone through and relate to.


My influences for my songs are real life things that I've gone through and experienced, like high school and people changing all around me while I'm staying the same and true to myself, growing up bi-racial with a single working mom who's also an artist and struggles for jobs, and being a high school athlete.


Bad For Me
How I Feel
I Need You

Set List

1. Bad For Me
2. Thankful
3. Take A Bow
4. How I Feel
5. Downlow
6. Killing Me Softly
7. I Got Trouble
8. I Need You

My sets are 45 minutes each
My typical cover repertoire is hip-hop and r&b