Armadillo Society

Armadillo Society

 Austin, Texas, USA

An Austin TX based group with a fresh sound that subtly blends complex influences: acoustic, latin, african, americana, funk, and electronic.


The Armadillo Society is an group of artists and musicians, based in Austin Texas, with a membership that ranges from Costa Rica to Canada, Rhode Island to Texas, Oregon to Wisconsin; they began generating art and music, while trying to support local communities, sponsoring food drives and fundraisers for food banks and other charities. Now, with their roots entrenched, the collective of artists and musicians is taking their unique sound and imagery out in the wild. A typical show is never typical: different people, different art, different themes, and always a fun experience.


Bienvenidos, (2010)

1. Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos
2. My Baby
3. Miss You
4. Lines of Time
5. a-typical day
6. I Want You
7. Still in Love
8. Take the Bar Off Your Back
9. Work Together

Set List

Carry Me
Still in Love
I Don't Like to Fly
Lines of Time
My Baby
Down Home Girl
She's Electric
Wedding Song
Take the Bar Off Your Back
35 - 55 mins as required