Lisa McMaster

Lisa McMaster

 Portland, Oregon, USA

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Another Holiday

Written By: Lisa McMaster

It's another holiday I can tell by the way that you look at me with sad eyes
Fallen on a cloudy night the stars above are only Christmas lights shining on
angels with wings that don't fly.

chorus: We'll wait tonight under the starry lights and with a little hope we'll be alright

Standing on an empty street there's no other soul around - the city looks just like a ghost town
Now the stores they're all closed and taped to windows are the notes "we're home" though everybody knows that it's another holiday it's another holiday

Open Road

Written By: Lisa McMaster

You're convinced that you're not lonely
drowning slowly in the nights
You could be someone that I'd miss
or just another lover on my list

Sitting at the bar, you're not talking
You trade a beer for one more hour
These empty places are killing me
but so will living eventually.

chorus: You're an open road with no way home
Driving circles around alone
You're two steps ahead but a mile behind
I'd turn and go back if I had the time.

It's a slow death with a short life
and I can't tell if it's wrong or right
thinking we either win or lose
or thinking we even get to choose.