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"Armageddon Interview on Learning the Ropes of the Rap Game, the U.S. Presidential Election and More."


A couple of months ago I received an email from Armageddon, formerly of the Terror Squad. He had stumbled upon and was curious about the uniqueness of the e-book. I was still in Peru at the time but I was excited about exchanging ideas with an MC that I spent long hours listening to throughout high school and beyond. We decided to pick up our discussion when I got back to the States.

Once described by Fat Joe as "the deepest lyricist in the group", Armageddon has more than proven his ability as an MC. He has appeared on numerous Gold and Platinum albums including Big Pun's Capital Punishment and Fat Joe's Jealous Ones Still Envy. Armageddon first hit the scene in 1995 as a writer and producer for Fat Joe's freshman album, Jealous Ones Envy and has since made a name for himself in the underground while still receiving much mainstream recognition for various popular hits such as "Take You Home" and "All I Need". More hardcore fans will remember Geddy from records such as Big Pun's "Glamour Life" and "Terror Squadians" which was featured on the Rush Hour Soundtrack. Recalling the lyrics that completed the final verse of "Terror Squadians" not only reminds us of Geddy's controversial tendencies, but also brings me back to '98 if for only a moment...

"...Golden riches, better hold 'em bitches/
Cause we've been robbin' niggas way before/
the translation of Holy Scriptures/
I was Armageddon before the motion picture/
The last nigga to drop his verse and have the globe shiftin'/
My Squad's hard, and far from Puritans/
Robbin' and killin men like we proud to be Americans"

Fast forward to '08 and Geddy is still bringing the heat. He recently remixed Lumidee's "She's Like the Wind" and his new album The Journal is set to be released in 2009. By leaving the Terror Squad Armageddon has truly taken his future into his own hands. But as you'll read in this interview, don't count out the possibility of future collaborations with some familiar faces.

From talking with Geddy himself I can see that the future looks bright for this naturally talented entrepreneur and I'm more than proud to provide our visitors with his insights. Enjoy the interview.

"People say NY rap is doing bad...I don't think so. NY's underground culture is developing. Cats are taking their careers in their own hands and building fan bases and making money below the radar."



Writer / Producer: Armageddon / Geddy for GeddyMusic.Com / Terror Squad


Artist: Fat Joe
Album Title: Jealous Ones Envy (Relativity)

Watch Out Written by: Keith Nut, Big Pun & Armageddon Fire Water Written by: Raekwon of The Wu-Tang Clan, Big Pun, Fat Joe & Armageddon


Artist: Fat Joe
Album Title: Don Cartagena (Big Beat / Atlantic) - Gold
Song Titles:

My Prerogative Produced & written by: Armageddon Find Out Written by: Fat Joe & Armageddon Hidden Hand Written by: Fat Joe, Big Pun, Prospect, Cuban Link & Armageddon

1998 Artist: Big Pun
Album Title: Capital Punishment (Loud / Terror Squad) - Platinum
Song Titles:

Glamour Life Written by: Big Pun, Fat Joe & Armageddon Boomerang Written by: Big Pun & Armageddon


Artist: Terror Squad
Album Title: Terror Squad (Big Beat / Atlantic)
Song Titles:

Feeling This Produced by: Armageddon Written by: Prospect & Armageddon Paying Dues Produced by: Armageddon Written by: Keith Nut & Armageddon Gimme Dat Produced & written by: Armageddon Pass the Glock Written by: Terror Squad & Armageddon Triple Threat Written by: Big Pun, Cuban Link & Armageddon Tell Me What You Want Written by: Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine & Armageddon


Album Title: Rush Hour (Def Jam)
Song Titles:

Terror Squadians Written by: Big Pun, Fat Joe, Prospect, Cuban Link & Armageddon


Artist: WCW Wresting Organization
Album Title: WCW Mayhem - Gold
Song Titles:

Make the Crowd Roar Produced by: Armageddon Written by: Big Pun and Fat Joe


(Armageddon/Geddy Executive produced this album)

Artist: Fat Joe
Album Title: Jealous Ones Still Envy* (Atlantic / Terror Squad) - Platinum
Song Titles:

Get The Hell On With That Written by: Ludacris, Fat Joe & Armageddon Murder Rap Written by: Fat Joe & Armageddon

2001 Artist: Movie
Album Title: Fast and Furious (Def Jam)
Song Titles: Hustling Written by: Fat Joe & Armageddon


Artist: Angie Martinez
Album Title: Up Close and Personal (Electra) - Gold
Song Titles:

Thug Love Written by: Armageddon Performed by: Angie Martinez, Layzie Bone & Fat Joe


Artist: Keith Hudson
Album Title: Keith Hudson (The Hero In Me) (Rodeo Records, Switzerland)
Song Titles:

Lick My… Produced by: Armageddon

Written by: Keith Hudson, Keith Nut & Armageddon


Artist: Fat Joe
Album Title: Loyalty (Atlantic / Terror Squad) - Gold
Song Titles:

Gangsta Produced & written by: Armageddon

All I Need Written by: Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine & Armageddon Crush Tonight Written by: Ginuwine, Cool and Dre, Fat Joe & Armageddon Loyalty Written by: Armageddon, Remy, Prospect & Fat Joe Turn Me On Written by: Armageddon, Fat Joe & Ronnie Blackwell

Artist: Terror Squad
Album Title: True Story (Universal / Terror Squad)
Song Titles:

Thunder in the Air Produced by: Armageddon

Written by: Prospect

Take You Home Written by: Fat Joe, Remy & Armageddon Hum Drum Written by: Remy, Prospect & Armageddon Pass Away Written by: Armageddon



Bronx, New York native, Armageddon, has been rapping since the 5th grade. His pursuit of a rap career began in 1985 with a rap clique called Wild Style, which consisted of five kids rapping and singing for fellow students at a Bronx public school. Later, at the still very early age of 16, Geddy, as he is affectionately called, met Fat Joe and quickly became a part of Terror Squad, the crew that then consisted of Fat Joe and Keith Nut and later Big Pun. The group has come a long way since its inception.

In the years leading to Terror Squad’s biggest hit record ever, “Lean Back,” Armageddon stayed busy writing, performing, and producing. Described by Fat Joe as “the deepest lyricist in the group,” he has produced and written over a dozen records for Fat Joe, Big Pun, and Terror Squad, collectively. He’s also credited with co-writing tracks featured in hit films such as Fast and Furious and Rush Hour. Additionally, Armageddon helped produce music for the WCW Wrestling Organization. One of his biggest accomplishments to date is Fat Joe’s 2001 platinum album Jealous Ones Still Envy which he executive produced.

In maintaining his longevity in the music industry, Armageddon has embarked on new endeavors that display his versatility, as well as his diverse interests in the music business. He recently launched Geddy Communications Inc. in an effort to establish his independence as an artist, producer, and executive. In regards to his latest venture, Armageddon declares, “I love to create and innovate, whether it is entertainment, technology, fashion or business in general. I was idle as a TS artist. I felt it was time to evolve from background man to front liner. I have to always be growing; I need to be able to express myself, and GedCom is part of that expression. It’s an extension of me.” Under GedCom, as he likes to refer to his company, Armageddon intends to release his long awaited solo album, “The Journal,” via his digital music brand, With his incredible lyrical ability and his business savvy mentality, he is sure to take hip hop to another level.