Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
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ARMAGGEDON is an anointed and energetic Gospel Rap group. Their beats are “hotter” than the music heard on commercialized radio and the message is clear: JESUS CHRIST IS THE WAY TRUTH AND THE LIFE.


Since 2003, Armaggedon has been lighting up the east coast with their hard-hitting beats, witty and unparalleled lyrics, and in-your-face exciting stage presence. All hailing from Virginia, they have raised the standard and have always performed all things in excellence. These 3 men, David "Catash" Morch, Javeus "Rambo" Ramsey and Jeris "8th Wonda" Smith, has taken Gospel Rap to another level, consistently bringing Word-based lyrics mixed with street-based beats which they mostly produce themselves. Their latest release, "Armaggedon's Here - The Mixtape", has already made a mark in both secular and spiritual arenas since it's release in January 2010.

This group is definitely for the streets. They know that they are called to minster to the people who may never step foot into a church, but desire the truth. The music is used to capture the attention of the youth, and show them that the Christian lifestyle is a life that is like no other. They've carried this same Gospel to the streets of New York (namely Syracuse, Brooklyn, South Bronx & Times Square), Pennyslvania, Virginia, The Carolinas, Atlanta, and even spread over to Dallas and Ohio.

Armaggedon has also shown that ministry is more than the music. They have recently incorporated a new branch of ministry called B3, or "Blessed to Be a Blessing", which consists of them going into the neighborhoods of the the less fortunate and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and blessing them with goods, music and teachings. These events are captured on video, and display on different websites like Facebook and They also have a YouTube channel entitled Armaggedon Entertainment Television, or AETV, which is used to show behind the scenes footage of Armaggedon and also highlights other artists to spread the word of other talents that carry the Gospel.


Give it 2'em Now

Written By: D.Morch, J.Ramsey, J.Smith

Give it to’em now
Give it to’em now
Give it to’em now
Yea yea what what!!!

Imma brang it to you soul to soul
Paddycake on this lock and load
Its Catash on the mic control
Can the engineer hear? Turn me up some more
I keep it real on the gospel track
I keep it real on the gospel rap
Armaggedon do you my back? (Yea we got cho back?)
Thee apostles back!

From the dark of the night to the break of the light
We walking by faith thru Jesus Christ
We follow the light attacking the fight
Right hand high ready to ride
You can look in my eyes I’m ready to die
When I’m born again and free from sin
No more death so let's begin
Yall gone see when it start reigning
(Give it to’em now)
Armaggedon the true champ-i-on
Like armored Trojan
The war has been won
I’m praisin’ the son (thrrraa)
The feeling and touch ceiling
Stop with the killing and start the buildin’
Start with the children toucha million
The forces of sin will no longer win
The power of livin is ours again
(Give it to’em now)
Renaissance blaze that,
Better than my flow
Must be crazy
High post front stage hat real low
Plus I roll thru the jungle like Rambo
Low to the ground like a O.G. lambo
Huggin’ the curb hi speed good handles
I’m the truth you should letcha man know
Lifetime past away like candles

We give it to’em now
That’s how we do it now
We give it to’em now
To’em now …do it now

I’m real from tha front to the back
Its Catash dropping funk on the track
Don’t front with the blunt or the gat
Or the women with the venom with no clothes on they back
I’m praising Jesus Christ
Praise him for his sacrifice
Imma see’em in the afterlife
In the paradise,
That’s right, alright

We give it to’em now
That’s how we do it now
We give it to’em now
To’em now …do it now

I had a revelation (uh huh)
This is a celebration (uh huh)
Because I got the breathe of life with God’s respiration (uh huh)
Of course He molded me (uh huh)
And then He scolded me (uh huh)
Transforming me into person I’m supposed to be
Every since my christianin (uh huh)
Even In the midst of sin (uh huh)
Had joy in my life the Holy Spirit started visitin (thrrraa)
I started quickin-nan (thrrraa)
I started witnessin’ (thrrraa)
I started listening to the voice inside that was hid within (thrrraa)
I can’t wait for the day (thrrraa)
That day when the Lord will say (thrrraa)
“Well done good and faithful servant so I can enter in His courts with praise” (thrrraa)
My flows are nicest nicest (thrrraa)
My flows are priceless priceless (thrrraa)
But at the highest price they not as nice as righteous Christ is!!!! (Give it to’em now!!!)

We give it to’em now
That’s how we do it now
We give it to’em now
To’em now …do it now


"Street Ministry" - January 2005
Armaggedon's Here: The Mixtape Hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus - January 2010
"Brand New" and "Give It To 'em Now!" are getting airplay on local radio stations in VA and Lousiana. "4 Tha Ladies" and "Just Bounce" is getting radio airplay in VA, NC, GA and many online radio shows, including Urban 1:1 hosted by DJ Noble and The Live Mix Show hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus.

Set List

Our sets vary. We can do 5 minutes and up to 60 minutes. No covers, strictly original material.