Armand Childs

Armand Childs

 Harrison, New York, USA


Armed with a souful voice that can cover all genres, Armand Childz packs enough versatlity to keep everyone on their toes, and ears open. With diverse production, this new artist to the arena is certainly pushing the boundaries with supreme star quality, successfully crossing four major genres that include R&B, urban, dance, and pop music. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, from a young age Armand knew he wanted to pursue music. Unlike your average child, instead of playing with his action figures, Armand would substitute them as his microphone. He is a studio professional, that enjoys perfecting his craft, and wooing audiences with his flawless melodies that know no barriers or color lines. Armand's musical influences include veterans to the game and new artists such as Justin timberlake, Coldplay, Monica, Usher, Alicia keys, Maroon 5, Jayz, Donny Hathaway, John Lennon, Sam Cook, & Bruno Mars.


#Epic Fail-(Finding my way)
"Shattered'-(Finding my way)
"Strobelights"-(Finding my way)
"Lucky I am"-(Finding my way)
All singles from the upcoming mixtape/album-Finding My Way