Arma Secreta

Arma Secreta


File under: post-punk, indie, math rock. Not unlike: sonic youth, fugazi, slint, cursive, pinback, minus the bear, mars volta, etc.


Arma Secreta, (pronounced sikretta) Portuguese for “secret weapon”, began in 2005. Their infancy was like most bands: no name, no direction in mind, just a guitarist and a drummer hashing out ideas in their precious spare time, and testing out their new rock relationship in whatever space they could find, which in this case happened to be the back of an office furniture factory in Memphis, Tennessee. And with every session came more ideas and more excitement about what they were creating, piecing together, and ultimately ushering into the world.

Feeling that sense of urgency that comes with too many ideas, not enough time, and future regret; the two agreed the music needed to be made, a band had to be formed. They converted the back of their space into what is now Missile Silo Studios, and got to work.

Nine months after the formation of this band, it’s very existence was threatened when Christopher was diagnosed with cancer in December 2003. After surgery and months of recovery, Christopher, Bradley, and former bass player / mixing engineer Alex Zhort made a pact that they would not play live again until their record was finished. And that is exactly what Arma Secreta did. “When a doctor tells you that you’re dying, your priorities change pretty quickly. We all decided that touring was a distraction for us, so we holed up for nine months and focused on writing, recording and producing this record ourselves. It was an amzing process; with no pressure, deadlines, or label interference, we had the luxury of making this record exactly what we wanted, and there aren’t many bands that can say that.” recalls Wark.

Recorded in various sessions over the course of 2004/2005, and notably the last rock record
(8 of 11 songs) tracked at Memphis’s legendary Easley-McCain Studios before it burned to the ground; A Century’s Remains is a painstakingly produced and meticulously arranged indie rock gem. While ripe with hooks, this music is not pop, the songs on A Century’s Remains are smartly constructed rock puzzles; unpredictable, exciting, chaotic, and beautiful.
The meaning of the album’s title is two-fold, as Wark explains, ”the album art work is part of a aerial photo essay by the same name dealing with the leftovers of a century of industry and progress; and as for the music, many of these songs evolved from fragments I’ve had in inventory literally since before the turn of the century.”

Since the addition of their third bass player, Michael Brandon, in late 2005, Arma Secreta has focused on delivering action packed rock to show goers everywhere.
Appropriately dubbed by fans as “three men doing the work of six,” with Bradley’s blurry machine-like drumming, Christopher’s confounding guitar loop layering, and Michael’s bass gymnastics; their live show is a sight to behold, taking audiences from whisper quiet anticipation to blistering waves of noise and frenzied power.
Most of 2006 was dedicated to touring and promoting
"A Century's Remains". Arma Secreta is now gearing up to make their next record in late 2007.

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Written By: Arma Secreta

a man sits alone in his attic he’s watching the skies and listening to static
the sun has darkened the moon is turning to blood this could be the night
he’s put his things in order, everything is ready
he’s left an explanation to the ones who don’t get to go
he’s taken two showers, washing every inch of his body:
between his shoulder blades, the backs of his arms,
his eyes, his lips, but he can’t get the inside clean
i don’t know where to start, forgot to tell what I remembered
this body’s strewn apart, but it’s coming back together
i’m only dying on the outside
eye to the lens, lens to the sky
he might be history tonight
i‘m charting stars that can’t be seen
connecting points in between
eye to the lens, lens to the sky
some things look darker in the light
i‘m charting stars that can’t be seen
connecting points in between
He’s firing signals into the darkness
wired to receive them, but he’s out of focus
turn the telescope around turn from the dark skies
turn the telescope around and point it inside

Sweater Weather

Written By: Arma Secreta

let’s start again, let’s start together. call all your friends it’s sweater weather.
though we’re apart, we stand together. if I am yours, then you’re mine forever.
these words have wings, they won’t return to me…
you know the way to live forever. fan to a flame these glowing embers.
what holds you down you have to sever. fight if you must, you will surrender.
these words have wings, they won’t return to me…
you made the bed you’re in.


A Century's Remains CD/LP (Rithmetic, 2006)

Set List

7-10 songs, 30 min- 1 hour, no covers.
Songs the band plays live:
Sweater Weather
Little Snow Ninja
Turin Style
A Good Clean Sweat
Undresssing Underwater
Salon Song
The Spike and Rail
Regarding Your Tone
Cloaks and Shadows
Sippi Cup
Mineral Spirits
New Year's Eve Eve