Armed and Ready

Armed and Ready

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We are a Faith Based Christian Rap/Rock band that brings the realism from the streets with a new style that will touch the hearts of many. Our music is inspired by the true and living Word of God. We bring a new twist with power that will change the hearts and minds of all who listen to our music.


Johhny Kyle Aka Johnny k and Angel Irizarry Aka D.U.S.T formed Armed and Ready in 2004 with the mission of bringing people to the understanding and knowledge of Gods love for them through our testimonies and lifes experiences. We believe that God touches through music. There are so many negative messages being released through the radio,media and television that we believe our influencing of our generation and the future generations to come. Through our hard times we recieved knowledge and now provide wisdom to encourage and strengthen all who face the same kind of circumstances. We are here to proclaim the Word of God in Spirit and in Truth through our music and provide a way for the listeners to understand God's message that flows from our hearts and minds.
Our influences first off and foremost is our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Our musical influences range from Jimi Hendricks to the Wu-Tang Clan to Casting Crowns to Gospel Gangsters. We have a wide variety of influences that start from the 50's to the 2000's and present Secular and Gospel alike.



Written By: ANGEL (DUST)


Living in the world so cold.
Being controlled by diamonds and gold.
Selling your souls so records can be sold.
Telling a story that was never told.

LIVING IN THIS WORLD. Repeat the top 2 times.
Well here’s a little story about a young man named ANGEL.
He lived in paranormal paths full of angles. Not knowing right from wrong But being strangled. Through alcoholism and drug addiction the bondage that entangled. It wrapped his soul up he couldn’t see out. He couldn’t believe that there was know way out. Being influenced by the demon that brings doubt unbelieving seed with no one there to reach out. Left him for dead so even hell reached out. The lights were dimming he couldn’t see through the black out. Trapped with in himself all doors were shut they wouldn’t open. Claustrophobic in his mind not knowing he was chosen. A well without water his heart was frozen. Conceived in sin and his name was unspoken. Confused in his mind the demons were lurking. Like ravenous wolves with tails of scorpions. Hardin his heart with deadly poisons of sin. Cursed GOD with the breath that he gave him. A confused child of ABRAHAM. Resurrected through GODS life unchanging hand.

CHROUS: Repeat 2 times.

Well this is what GOD did to the man named ANGEL. Defanged satan from the venom that mangled. Victory over sin that had him tangled. Living life for JESUS CHRIST. And the devil can’t handle. HE died on the cross HE gave him a way out. ANGEL took it and now he is free without a doubt. A warrior for CHRIST the power of the devil was broken. Resurrected in grace fulfilling the deed of the chosen. Through the book of life his name was spoken. The day is coming when both books will be open. You best to know where you will be going. Because if you don’t the lake of fire is boiling. 666 is the number of man. This is going out to the children of ABRAHAM. GOD is calling HIS people to HIM. Repent from your sins and a new life will begin. Let GOD be the man within. Conquering king you can only win. With the power to crush scorpions JESUS CHRIST is the LORD of life so bow to HIM.

CHROUS: Repeat to the end. At the end. Tell the story because the story needs to be told.


We are working on a CD project as we speak called Unknown Fulfillment.

Set List

Our songs average from 3mins to 4mins.