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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Hip Hop




"Here I Go"

November 2019 - Armelle recently set out to release a brand new EP
titled “Here I Go.” The project features five unique tracks, each setting
the bar higher and pushing the sound of this release towards different
directions. The opening number, “Vows,” combines some atmospheric
sounds with a classic trap beat and a unique lyrical flow. “Phonebook”
has a deeper sound, with some lush textures and spacey sounds,
bringing so much depth to the song. The beat has a slower, more
dense feel, and the vocal flow brings some melody to the table.
“Empty Bottle Flow,” showcases the artist’s imaginative vocal rhythms
and unique skill to let his voice dictate the groove, and not just rapping
on a drum beat. In terms of its performance, the release definitely hits
the mark. The song is played with personality, passion, and intensity.
In addition to that, there is a unique focus on trying to get the intensity
of the track going steady, with the right pathos and vibe to match the
arrangement of this beautiful tune.
“Separation” feels direct and unique, with a strong focus on melody,
while still maintaining a distinctive atmosphere. Last, but definitely not
least, “Fortune 500” is a heavy hitter and the perfect closing number to
put a conclusion to this EP. In addition to the personable and edgy
performance value, this release is also quite distinctive because of the
sheer quality of the production. The mix is balanced and very detail-
oriented, making for a lively, edgy and stark sonic approach. In other
words, there are many subtle nuances in this release, which really add
to the richness of the track when summed up together. The frequency
spectrum of the mix is also very balanced, with a tight, yet deep low
end working wonders along with a smooth top end, which adds a
sense of clarity to the music. Any fan of artists as diverse as Drake,
Kendrick Lamar, and Joey Bada$$ will be absolutely pleased with the
sound of this one, so give this release a go and don’t pass up! With
such great melodies and forward-thinking sonic aesthetics, you really
can’t go wrong with this one - laserlife


Still working on that hot first release.



Just a regular mellow fellow trying to make my way in a not so mellow world. I hope you can enjoy the ride with me.

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