Armen Nalbandian Trio

Armen Nalbandian Trio


"Extemely tuneful and organic music with a real group synergy, plus a wonderful negotiation between accessibility and a true spirit of adventure. Highly recommended!" D.D. Jackson- (Jazz pianist/composer, Downbeat Magazine columnist)


'' Armen Nalbandian is a truly great modern musician with an expansive understanding of the jazz tradition and then some. He has a completely open mind and big open ears. His work on prepared Fender Rhodes is a revelation to someone like me who grew up hearing that instrument in the way it was used in the 70s. Armen can massage the jazz and can find the music and beauty in noise.''

-Matthew Shipp- (pianist & composer, curator of the Blue Series Thirsty Ear Records)

Over the past decade, prolific improvisational/experimental musician and composer Armen Nalbandian has earned wide spread notoriety for his achievements in the arts. Nalbandian has composed over 500 original compositions, leads over a dozen music ensembles ranging from improvisational duos to full piece orchestras, and is a highly regarded performer on the piano and Fender Rhodes mechanical piano.

Armen Nalbandian is the protégé of Jazz legend John Hicks and has experience learning/playing with an amazing list of Jazz greats including McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins, John Handy, and Britt Woodman.

Since 2004, Armen Nalbandian has with great prestige held the position of Musical Director/Resident Artist for the Fresno Art Museum. In 2004 the art community also witnessed the birth of Armen Nalbandian’s “Rhythms of Art” monthly concert series hosted by the Fresno Art Museum. Over the years Nalbandian’s “Rhythms of Art” program has been met with critical acclaim and overwhelming success with Nalbandian’s musical endeavors which range from performance of original compositions inspired by the museum’s artistic exhibitions to expanded “Sound Ensembles” improvising based on Armen’s direction through “game pieces”. Nalbandian recently announced his 4th and final year as Musical Director/Resident Artist of the Fresno Art Museum. The 2008 “Rhythms of Art” concert season features Nalbandian performing improvised duets with legendary drummer Han Bennink and drummer Chris Corsano. With the blessings and support of the artists Nalbandian will also perform the music of Dave Douglas (Greenleaf Music) and John Zorn (Tzadik recordings).

Blacksmith Brother Music (Nalbandian’s own Record Label) successfully released his trio album “Armen” in 2006. Blacksmith Brother Music in partnership with Noise Boutique will release the Armen Nalbandian Trio’s follow-up recording “Manchester Born” and Nalbandian’s solo experimental “prepared” Fender Rhodes recording “Young Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off” in late 2007. Blacksmith Brother/Noise Boutique will release numerous other recordings from Armen Nalbandian that continue to span the experimental music spectrum.


- Armen Nalbandian Trio “Armen” (2006 Blacksmith Brother)
- Armen Nalbandian Trio “Manchester Born” (2007 Blacksmith Brother/Noise Boutique)
- Armen Nalbandian (solo) “Young Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off” (2007 Blacksmith Brother/Noise Boutique)
- Armen Nalbandian Trio (live) “The Battle” (2008 Blacksmith Brother/Noise Boutique)
- Armen Nalbandian (w/Tommy Delgado) “Choke the Jellyfish” (2008 Blacksmith Brother/Noise Boutique)
- Armen Nalbandian (solo) “Nemesis EP” (2008 Blacksmith Brother/Noise Boutique)
- Armen Nalbandian Trio “Quiet As It’s Kept” (2008 Blacksmith Brother/Noise Boutique)