sound that oscillates from psychedelic to progressive while remaining faithful to a strong postgrunge matrix


Armida, a pagan and esoteric character in Torquato Tasso’s poetical “Liberated Jerusalem”, who first intrigues and then stirs the emotions. Her self-referential nature, in love with herself and herself alone, nonetheless needs to reflect itself in the being that it has succeeeded in subjugating, Rinaldo: necessary as the proof of her romantic power and essential for upholding her seductive identity. All of this places her inexhorably in a condition of fragility, to the point where she undergoes an uncontrollable evolution, withdrawing from her role as an expert manipulator of diabolical magic arts and gradually moving closer to the universe of affection and sentiment. Her story, in the year 2000, lays the foundations of the group “ArmidA”, born through the meeting of four individuals who mix their musical ideas and search at the same time for a common and distinctive identity. Like the historical character, theirs is a continuing research for hidden emotional states, brought to the light by a sound that oscillates from psychedelic to progressive while remaining faithful to a strong postgrunge matrix. It is the meeting point between breathtaking atmospheres and walls of granite sound that shatter on contact with harsh melodies wrapped in whirling rhythmic spirals. Live shows in local circuits are met with glowing response from the public and from the critics: a response which accompanies the band right up to 2006, the release year of their first ep “Ring a ring‘o roses” which, notwithstanding the burning down of the recording studio and all the instruments, still records 2,879 downloads from the official site in just one year. With glowing reviews in various specialized websites, the performances in local and national competitions, as leading band or as support band, continue. Amongst their various perfomances in 2007, the ArmidA reached the semifinals of the national “Angeli del Rock” competition, they were amongst the 80 groups chosen nationally for the “Music Village”, their track “The Big Flare” was used to open the national radio show “Demo” on Radio 1, and they were selected for the soundtrack in an upcoming short movie.


Ring'a'Ring o' roses - EP