Houston, Texas, USA

Arminee is a bright upcoming pop artist, singer/songwriter who is a USA Songwriting Competition Showcase performer. Her music genre is world/adult cont. Thumbs up for one of the best debut CD's "Open Your Eyes" with variety in style but one can hear Gregorian chant in every song. www.armineemusic.c


Arminee is an amazing singer/songwriter. She grew up in Montreal Quebec, Canada, where she studied French language and literature at McGill University in Montreal. Her love for music showed her the path to writing her own songs and taking voice lessons. She has a wide range of influences from Santana to Madonna and Enigma being in the middle ... The French language has given a special flavor to her songs. One can also hear Gregorian chant in every song in her debut album: Open Your Eyes. This rich and unique flavor is present through out her music. For Arminee there is peace in a Utopian level of life, which she believes exists in every human being.
Presently, Arminee resides in Houston, Texas and makes frequent trips to Vancouver, B.C. Canada where she has been working on her latest music project: "Party Girl". This is a very upbeat and fun loving song. It's style is different from her previous songs. It is in the pop/dance category but it has a definite reggae feel to it.
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Arminee has produced her debut CD "Open Your Eyes", which is accepted for airplay by
1. Noteborn Music,
2. Dr- Love Internet Radio
3. #1 Independent Radio Station
Arminee's new single "Party Girl, along with it's music video, was developed in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Party Girl is a very upbeat song with a reggae flavor. This song will be a sure hit on the charts. Party Girl will be ready for release soon...

Set List

Arminee's latest creation: "Party Girl" will be ready for release soon.
Songs included in Arminee's debut CD
"Open Your Eyes" are:
1. Open Your Eyes (dance mix)
2. Bye Bye
3. I Think of You
4. You Changed Me Forever
5. Contact With Caress
6. Open Your Eyes