Arming the Architect

Arming the Architect

 Winchester, Virginia, USA

"Arming the Architect has a super high energy stage performance that displays intricate guitars, pristine drum work and tight knit breakdowns. Leaning more towards a melodic metal core feel while retaining an extremely heavy edge."


Arming the Archirtect just released their first self titled EP on July 12th, 2013. "ATA brings a brutal heaviness but maintains emotion in the music, with layering and dynamics that draws the listener in". JP (vocalist) adds a gritty vocal edge going from warm melody to searing screams, dug from the soul. Guitars are layered and intricate with tight knit breakdowns and elaborate neck work. Heater deftly intertwines syncopation and structure keeping all the layers together. Our live shows rival some of the well established national metal acts and we are received as "highly energetic and very entertaining." Currently booking through 2014.


Arming the Architect- Arming the Architect
1. Darkest Days
2. Tread On
3. Last Breath
4. House of Claymont

Currently streaming on Reverbnation, Last.FM, Rhapsody, Iheartradio and more! Also available for purchase on itunes, amazon and most major retailers.