Arminta & Blaq Lily

Arminta & Blaq Lily


Compared to The Cranberries meet The Corrs. Arminta captivates audiences with her presence and voice. Blaq Lily is currently enjoying tremendous success on MySpace adding over 200 new friends daily they are one of the fastest growing independent bands on this popular site!


"Ye got my Irish feet a stompin!"
Jimmy Holloway - Star Harbor Films

“They have been compared to the Cranberries and the Corrs, but this Indianapolis group is much more than that.”
Steve Hammer – Nuvo Newsweekly Magazine

Whether playing as a duet with Mikel, or backed by her band "Blaq Lily", and featuring flutes, acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin Arminta creates a new style of Celtic music by bringing elements of Dance, Traditional Irish, modern pop harmonies and tribal beats that mix to please a very broad demographic mix.

Mixing dance, music and a bit of comedy, Arminta brings a high energy fun performance to every show that will leave people wanting more and talking for weeks about all the fun they had!

In 1999, Arminta and husband/guitarist Mikel formed the band Blaq Lily, to back her dynamic vocals. Since then, Arminta and Blaq Lily have played over 700 live shows in all types venues through out the United States. Together, Arminta and Mikel have produced 5 independent CD projects with cuts that have received radio air play on specialty radio, college and commercial stations, as well as internet music stations. Their 4th album, Still Waters, was a 2002 finalist in the Just Plain Folks International song writing and album contest. Arminta's song "Lonely", from the same CD, recently received an award in Bill Board Magazine's world songwriting contest.

Arminta and Blaq Lily have sold CDs all over the world, won recognition for their songs on the national level and performed over 750 live shows throughout middle America since 1999.

Their latest release "Forged in the Fire" produced by Whitney Houston engineer George Strakis, this is carrying their music to a new level for 2006 with over 52,000 complete listens of selected songs on their my space music page since April 6 of 2006, their music is generating an exploding my space fan base that has grown by over 14,000 new fans in the same time frame

Everywhere they play the crowd response is tremendous. Combining, their own versions of traditional Irish tunes with dance steps and catchy award winning originals, their performance is electric.


A Soulin'

Written By: Lyrics:Traditional / Music:Arminta & Mikel Schwab


Hey Ho, Nobody Home, No Meat, No Bread, No Money have I got.
Yet shall we be merry, Hey Ho, Nobody Home

A Soul, A Soul, A Soulcake, please good missus a soulcake
An apple, a pear, a plum and a cherry, any good thing to make a soul merry
One for Peter, Two for Paul, Three for Him who made us all

God bless the master of this house and the mistress also
And all the little children that ‘round your table grow
The cattle in your stable and the dog at your front door
And all that dwell within your gate I wish you ten times more


The streets are very dirty and my shoes are very thin
I have a little pocket to put a penny in
If you haven’t got a penny a heypenny will do
If you haven’t got a heypenny then God bless you


Go down into your cellar and see what you can find
If your barrels are not empty I hope you will be kind
Indeed I hope you will be kind with your apples and your beer. And I will come and sing no more ‘til this time next year


The Other Side

Written By: Music & Lyrics: Arminta & Mikel Schwab

The Other Side

I see a vision of a stranger, that I’ve some how seen before
Speaking words, that cut into the darkness of my heart

How will I know when I’ve crossed over to the other side
How will I know ‘till I’ve been delivered
From the land of Mordor where the shadows lie (how will I know)
Shadows lie (how will I know)

False faith, spirit revealing dark deceitful lies
Shackled by the chains of my denial, what’s my faith in
Have I believed a lie (how will I know),
Believed a lie (how will I know)


Building a kingdom, still I’m empty though I don’t know why
‘Till I finally realized we’re all mortal men
& we were born to die (how will I know)
Born to die (how will I know)


Forged In The Fire

Written By: Arminta & Blaq Lily

Sky merges with the sea as we sail through the pouring rain
Deck rises beneath my feet timbers groaning with the strain
Cold to the marrow of my soul sea water flowing through my veins
So long since I left my home, might never see it again


Black Clouds in the Eastern Sky, a cold wind in my face
Feel the power and the glory as I stand in the driving rain

Sudden calm, an eerie hue, deep with in the weather’s heart
I lift my eyes up to the sky surprised by what I see
A bird of prey spreads his wings feel peace over flow my soul
Ride the currents of the storm live to breathe another day

Sudden Crash of waves again now it holds no fear
Lightning flashing timbers groan deck tossed beneath my feet
Feel the power of the sea my mind and the storm as one
Forged in the fires of the earth a strength that knows no end


Written By: Arminta & Blaq Lily

Blue Skies, and a gentle breeze blowing down from the Mountains
Butterflies In a field of Clover like a dream so serene
Lullabies hanging in the wind another vision of summer
Mesmerized by things that might have been, leave behind another winter
Cool Mist In another time eyes a fall upon the Ocean
Cliffs tower, high above the sea, forget the world around
Lullabies hanging in the wind another vision of summer
Mesmerized by things that might have been, leave behind another winter --------------------------
Dew fall , air so fresh and clean, early April spring day morning
Butterflies, high above the sea, leave the earth far behind
Lullabies hanging in the wind another vision of summer
Mesmerized by things that might have been, leave behind another winter

Lullabies hanging in the wind another vision of summer
Mesmerized by things that might have been, leave behind another winter

On the Moor

Written By: Arminta & Blaq Lily

An old man rode to the eastern gate
Where an ancient searess there he met
She chanted spells to raise the dead
Till one unwilling rose to speak


Why do you my sleep disturb to call me from my eternal home?
You know my face you’ll never see now you have the price to pay

What one are you to me unknown
To disturb my sleep with your fearful ways
For I was buried deep below
Before my face you did beseech


Was I not dead beneath the moor?
On a moonlit night so long ago
When Kings had honor to obey
The mighty voice of God above


Forged in the Fire - Released January 06 - Receiving airplay on Celtimelt, Celtic Pub, Paddy Rock and Highlander radio.
Dream Walk - 3rd CD
Still Waters - 2nd CD
Blaq Lily - Self Titled - Acoustic duet - 1st CD

There are 6 Arminta songs available for download.

Currently Arminta is one of the most requested aritsts on & enjoys radio airplay on the WXIR 92.3 fm Hoosier Spotlight and the nationally syndicated City of Music Radio Hour along with various college and NPR radio stations throughout the Midwest.

Set List

Our sets include award winning Celtic inspired originals, Traditional Celtic tunes, most of which are updated with Arminta & Blaq Lily's style. Including, sing alongs, Clap alongs and Dance alongs. Plus remakes of Popular tunes by artists such as Loreena McKennit, the Cranberries etc... - this can be 45 minutes to 1 & 1/2 hours long.
For longer shows sets are 45 minutes and can do 3 sets. But we can cusomize our set(s) to your needs.

*Sanctuary - this song was chosen as the theme song for the Comcast 59 TV show Diamond Acoustics in Ft. Wayne, IN & has been in an internationally release large independent film "Death of a Barefoot Tourguide" & was just selected for another large indepentent film to be released next year.
* Lonely- Received honorable mention in the 2003 Billboard World Song Contest & was nominated for 2002 JP Folks Modern Rock Song of the Year.
*Promised Land - Receives radio airplay & Selected to be recorded by Tyler Music Group, Nashville, TN
* The