Armored Assault

Armored Assault

 Chicago, Illinois, USA



"Sex, drugs, metal - and war. ARMORED ASSAULT combines these elements to create an all-out attack on the senses. Rob "Moonboots" Suttner, Elliot "Gordy McKlitz" Moser, Tommy "Gonzo Fonzarelli" Bellino, Mark "Chode" Suttner, and Andy "Panther Pussy" Pindelski make up the group of brave soldiers who have set their targets on the world. General Panther Pussy barks out orders as Colonel Moonboots leads the charge on the frontlines. Backed by the tank-like Special Ops rhythm section of Gonzo, Gordy and Chode - complete with buzzsaw guitars and thundering bass - the warpath is ready to crush all who stand in its way. ARMORED ASSAULT can lead one into a false sense of security with songs like "Salvation On A Chain" and "Pit of Torment" only to breakout into pure sonic mayhem of songs like "God of War" and "RIP," thus rendering the listener into a homicidal frenzy. ARMORED ASSAULT takes no prisoners…because it runs them over and flattens them into submission…"
-Chris Mezyk-


"Dead Before Dawn" EP