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"Armoured Bear - Imagination"

If the cutesy artwork, title of their forthcoming album ('Honeycomb Moons'), and inclination towards performing in front of a specially-designed 'Night-Garden' backdrop doesn't give away Armoured Bear's musical intentions, then nothing will. And it's true: the His Dark Materials-loving Corkonians' debut single is undeniably twee in parts. Still, even if the title track is a bit unbearably saccharine upon its first spin, repeated listens draw out its many nuances: slouchy, reggae-tinged pop, warm harmonies and a melody dreamier than the local High School hunk. Honeycomb Moons is a gentle folk-pop ballad that sees lead Bear Anthony Noonan profess: "I'll knit you a pillow of thoughts to rest your light head on", and ..With Grace is a jaunty acoustic number that integrates a sassy trumpet riff. Bring on the album. - - Lauren Murphy

"Armoured Bear - Imagination"

This effortless, gently lilting debut track from Cork outfit Armoured Bear is a nicely soul-sooting song, with the slightest hint of a loose, easy-going raggae vibe to it. The quirky, slightly off-kilter vocals add a further dimension to an already compelling sound, and the two b-sides indicate that September's 'Honeycomb Moons' album should be well worth checking out. - Hot Press


June 6th - Debut single - Imagination
digital download
Single features three tracks and music video

Coming Soon: Honeycomb Moons - Debut Album



‘Armoured Bear inhabits that sultry space between sleep and consciousness, that magic realm where dreams encroach on reality, that special spot where for one moment of bliss in the blue dawning of the morning, you awake oblivious to the world and forget where you are.’

From an early age Armoured Bear began to notice crayon squiggles behind the hard lines of reality. But is it any wonder when he grew up in West Cork near a swaying ocean full of mermaids, surrounded by trees full of seashells under the watchful eye of the man in the moon! As he grew, so did his musical vision, today he tours with his Night-Time Garden set, the perfect visual framework to his imaginative and innovative songs. What are these songs about? At their most ambitious, they’re attempts to reconcile the innocence of youth with the heart ache of growing up.

Armoured Bear’s debut single, Imagination is available on download from June 6th 2008. The single features 2 songs from the forthcoming album, Honeycomb Moons and a bonus track. The music video for Imagination has been described as a ‘visual hug to anyone that needs it’.

Armoured Bear revolves around multi-instrumentalist Anthony Noonan and also features Liam Ahern, Laurie Hedger and John Fitzgerald.

Anthony has also been touring as drummer for Ian Whitty & The Exchange and recently played Radio City Music Hall in New York with West Cork legends Interference when they supported The Swell Season.