I am A solo Christain Rock Artist I Play Keyboards and Sing about Jesus and What he Can do for your Life. The Name Armourplate came from the Bible Putting on the Full armour of God On you Life. and Empower the Teens and show them theres a better way to Live.


All Music that Armourplate comes form the Bible
and is About things that have happend to me or things Iv read in His word.

I show the teens there is a Better way to Live and have fun.
I enjoy seeing them Smile when thay see that
there Lives can change for the Better.


if you go to My Myspace page and Listen
to my 3songs
Arts song and Most of all ,Sunset.

Set List

I do David and Sunset
and Arts song.
its about Art bell the talk show Host
is what Art`s song is about he has a message to tell
Outheres about.