Arms Entwined

Arms Entwined

 San Diego, California, USA

Arms Entwined is fresh,current and original,with a perfect range of sounds, incorporating top-range influences such as Minus the Bear,Fugazi,Superchunk,and a bit of Treepeople’s fuzzed out growl as a perfect topper.These dudes have a tank of talent underlying a likable image and addictive sound.


This is the third attempt by Tim Penwell and Dan Gaskill to form a more perfect union. They are joined by Armando Meza who provides a different dimension to Tim and Dan's locked-in sound. Tim and Dan first met in The Osophists, a project that started in 2002 with Adam Nixon (Pivit, Shea Stratton) as the front man and guitarist. They played venues around San Diego such as SOMA, and recorded a self-titled EP with Bill Driskill (Buckfast Superbee, JFK) which had pleasant reviews in the San Diego Reader and on

After the breakup of The Osophists they looked to Dan's old bandmate from Unbusted (see Stuck On You soundtrack), Jackson Sandland, who relocated to San Diego from their hometown Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts to be their next vocalist. Derry Van Nortwick (Wizard Wolves, Project Out of Bounds) joined them on bass and together they formed Close Talker, a short-lived, locally buzz-worthy band whose material was played on San Diego's 91X and FM949.

With Tim now at the forefront of Arms Entwined, hopefully the third time is a charm. Their debut album "Suicide Bomb EP" was released in May 2009 and can be found online at Amazon, Napster, iTunes, Lala, Rhapsody, eMusic, IMVU, Shockhound, and Amie Street; or pick it up in physical form at any of these fine San Diego establishments:

M-Theory Music - 915 W Washington St., San Diego, CA 92103

Off the Record - 2912 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104

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We're on Drugs!

Written By: Timothy Penwell

I’m on drugs!
You’re on drugs!
We’re on drugs!
We’re all on drugs...

First sip in the mornin’
Shoots up your 9-to-5.
They can’t count profits
‘Til they line you up and get you high!
Even when you break outside
Clouds penetrate your lungs and eyes.
It rains down from the sky!
It rains down from the sky all day!
It rains down from the sky all day, all night
‘Til we’re on drugs!

You are what you eat.
USDA deals your meat,
Enhance our vegetables,
Pollute our water with chemicals.
You are what you drink
And it’s not what you think.
We’re all on the brink
Of dying out because we’re all on drugs!

Then there are those of us that like to self-prescribe.
But they can’t count profits
‘Til they line you up and get you high!
If it’s not their drugs
They’ll give you shit.
Are we criminals or are we sick?

Let’s rain down from the sky all day.
We’ll rain down from the sky all day.
We’ll rain down from this sky all day, all night
‘Cause we’re on drugs!
We’re all on drugs.


Suicide Bomb EP - Haloed Owl Recordings, 2009

Tracks from the Suicide Bomb EP have been played on terrestrial radio stations in San Diego on FM 949 (94.9 FM) and 91X (91.1 FM), as well as 100.9 WMIR FM in New York as part of the Indie Revolution radio show.

Songs have also been streamed online at Earl Clifton Radio Podcast in Virginia and Insomnia Radio in Los Angeles.

A full length LP is due for release in December 2010.