Arms of Kismet

Arms of Kismet

 Winchester, Virginia, USA

Brooding and poppy, funny and foreboding, it's toe-tapping, tragicomic rock 'n' roll.


Arms of Kismet is back in your life... with toe-tapping, tragicomic rock ’n’ roll. Play for Affection spins tuneful tales of mirth and woe -- the bittersweet state of being alive and awake, and listening to every sound.

How can it be so sad when it’s so... playful?

How can it not be?

Arms of Kismet blends disparate genres (“roots” music, ‘80s rock, hip-hop) in offbeat and revelatory ways. It paints a fast-changing landscape where one never knows what ripping good luck or bitter misfortune waits over the next hill.

Play for Affection was written and produced by Mark Doyon, mastered by Jon Astley (Tori Amos, George Harrison, Pete Townshend), and released by independent label Wampus Multimedia. Guests include Kowtow Popof, Janna Audey, Eamon Loftus, Logan Claytor, Grahame Davies, Anne Rogers, and Paul Golder.


- Play for Affection (2010)
- Cutting Room Rug (2005)
- Eponymous (2004)

- Bonneville Stories (2001)

Publicity by Wampus Multimedia


Set List

ORIGINALS (partial list)

Raw Ennui
The Big Finish
Canaan Shiver
Arms of Kismet
Karma Never Forgets
Both Worlds
Riverboat Dream
Beautiful Career
Sepia Eyes
Simple Life
Hurry Up and Crumble
Vinnie’s Song
20th Century Son
Amorphous I Love You
Life Imitates
Alive and Awake
Riverbank Diary
Cuckold of Titan
Lee Jackson Hwy
Shot of Halcyon
Faith Walk Away
Boy in the Moon
My Secret Life as a Saint
Velvet Clown
Mathias Rust
Sail Seven
Listen to Me

COVERS (partial list)

Stephanie Says (Velvet Underground)
I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan)
Truckload of Art (Cracker)
The Moth (Aimee Mann)
Marie Provost (Nick Lowe)
Marilyn (Dan Bern)
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
Walter Johnson (Jonathan Richman)

In other words, "a little Leonard Cohen / a little Philip Glass / a little borrowed scenery / the past is never past."