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arms up


Arms Up are a hard working band. They sound like the insanity of the Pixies, the drugs of the Doors, and the romanticism of Weezer. "I love them" -Mom


Arms Up formed in January of 2007. In March 2007 they were awarded funding to record their debut ep "not from montreal."

Arms Up is part Weezer, part Pixies, part Doors.

Their first year together saw Arms Up showcase for Paquin Entertainment and Universal Music and since then have shared billing with The Weakerthans, Three Days Grace, Bedouin Soundclash, Wide Mouth Mason, The Bloodlines, and State of Shock.

They have received airplay on radio programs from Minneapolis to Berlin to London.

In the Spring of 2008 Arms Up completed another tour of Western Canada, including a showcasing at NewMusicWest in Vancouver.

Arms Up are signed to The New Rockstar Philosophy and are currently recording new music.

Arms Up put on passionate performances that have audiences jumping at the opportunity to sing along. Arms Up is a band focused on their careers in music because this is what they will be doing for the rest of their lives. They have the discipline from years of training, and the focus and intention to spread their music like the first rays of a new rising sun.
Enjoy Arms Up.


The Singles Project (2008/2009)
-Where is my mind (September 2008)
-Anna Please (October 2008)

Not from montreal (2007)
Oh well
My girl
Time to Change
Streets Cities

Set List

Arms Up typically plays for around 50 minutes, although their repertoire can be stretched accordingly.

Poor Boy
Time to Change
My girl
Streets Cities
Bob Dylan Mornings
David Geffen
Vampire campfire
Midnite Choirs
New Love/Old Ghosts
Monsanto left me impotent but RoundUp made me infertile
Rock'n'roll Czar
Where is my mind - Pixies
Oh well
The End - Beatles
it ain't easy