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2007- Ao vivo no Estúdio
2005- Qualquer
2004- Saiba
2001 -Paradeiro
2000- O Corpo
1998- Um Som
1995- Ninguém
1993- Nome




Arnaldo Antunes

Live in studio by Arnaldo Antunes

When I started to design the project for the album Qualquer in 2006, I had the intention to record it in concert as a DVD. At that time it was already an old desire, but since we were not able to organize the production for the project, I took the decision to record the CD in studio, but almost as a live concert with all the musicians playing together.

Qualquer was released in September last year and in October we started the tour. We adapted the album’s arrangements (entirely recorded with only chords and piano) to be played by a trio, composed by Chico Salem, Betao Aguiar and Marcelo Jeneci, in the keyboards and accordion. I believe we were able to recreate the album’s atmosphere with some naughty freshness in the tones, mostly because of the remarkable presence of the accordion and electric keyboards replacing the piano.

Besides the songs of Qualquer, we rearranged many others from my repertoire, bringing them to this more intimate sound context. In some others I changed the tone I had previously recorded to approach it to a less “shouted” interpretation, more restrained and in the natural ranges of my voice.

And there are also new versions for Bandeira Branca (Max Nunes and Laercio Alves) and Qualquer Coisa by Caetano Veloso. This last one was chosen due to the fact that I was preparing a show called Qualquer (same as the CD) and in this show, besides the track of the title, there is one song called As Coisas (composed by Gilberto Gil and I, recorded by him and by Caetano Veloso in Tropicalia 2 and me in Qualquer), as well as Socorro (composed by Alice Ruiz and I), For me, it was as if the album Qualquer Coisa by Caetano Veloso was already flying above us and I just had to let it land. The peculiar way in which this arrangement took place in the rehearsals was a lot different from the recording of Caetano’s work, which also cheered me up to face this task.

After a year on the road with the concert Qualquer throughout many cities around Brazil, it finally appeared an opportunity to record it on a DVD. For us it was perfect, because we had time to improve the arrangements. But I did not want to do only another video register of the tour. I thought it was an opportunity to create something special for video language itself. So we came back to studio and by inverting the way we recorded the album (live in the studio), we proposed to record a concert with audience but in studio! .

Since it is my first live DVD (and CD), I wanted it to be very representative of my career in general. I tried to widen a little bit the panoramic view that the script gives about my repertoire, including some other songs and invited some artists to participate, friends who have been very important in this 25-year career, as Nando Reis, Edgard Scandurra , and Branco Mello
My phase in the Titãs was well represented by the participation of Branco and Nando, with Edgard, a partner who was in all my albums in my solo career. What was missing was my other band, Tribalistas. Carlinhos e Marisa attended my call and Dadi, who also had previously recorded with us, came along for two songs of our repertoire – Um a Um and Velha Infancia.

Here is the result !

Live in Studio.

I hope our listeners and viewers have so much fun as we had when recording it!