Im a icelandic sonwriter that lives in denmark i play acuostic mucis and sing. I have been playing for 8 years and always been writing songs with that.


My Band is basicli me and my guitar and a mic. I have been playing for 8 years but never did anything with the songs i wrote until icame to denmark and was playing in my schoole, Then after i had played a girl that was with me in the scholle knwe Poul krebs that like my song and helpt me to record it and then after that i have been playing as a songwriter. I have played some small places and sonwriters clubs , IHÅ festival and i have warmt up for Poul Krebs in a concert he played at IHÅ. When people ask me what are your influences then i cant really say because i lisen to everything so im influencet off music.


I have a Myspace side you can lisen to my songs it but you can also here it on the website off Because we care . Other then i dont have anything out.