Arne Vatnoy

Arne Vatnoy


Melodious, piano based pop-music with a heavy jazz-influence. Ballady and melancholic, in true spirit of the sensitive singer-songwriter. Often compared to artists such as Ben Folds, Jamie Cullum, Tori Amos, and Nick Drake. A mix of commercial tracks and songs that need to grow on the listener.


Arne Vatnoy, born and raised in Norway, is a singer/songwriter who combines influences from old style jazz composers with modern popular music. His songs are largely based around the piano, often linking him to contemporary performers such as Rufus Wainwright, Tori Amos, Jamie Cullum and Ben Folds, without further resemblance. Arne’s music has indeed a broad commercial appeal, however some songs need to grow on you over time for the listener to appreciate them.

The last 3 years, Arne has engaged in music studies at Liverpool Institute for Perfroming Arts, LIPA. Frequently playing acoustic gigs as well as gigs with his back- up band has gained him quite a reputation in the North West of England. He has also done gigs in London, as well as playing acoustically with him and the piano only in Oslo, Norway. Arne has recently finished recording his 11-track debut album Tide.


11 track debut album