Houston, Texas, USA
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A high energy, dark blend of electronic and hip hop. Rhythms that can move mountains with a sense for melodies to sing along with.


Growing up in northern New Jersey gave ARN:MIKL (pronounced “Aaron Michael”) all the tools he needed to become the artist he is today. He fell in love with various types of music from a very early age with the help of his friends and parents. “I was very lucky to grow up where and when I did because as far as music goes I got a little bit of everything.” Everything from big band jazz to hip hop, alternative rock, pop, and even music from video games gave ARN:MIKL the ability to not only hear music but to see and feel it. That's when he began to dream of one day creating something that gave other people the same feeling he had experienced listening to other people's music.

When it came time for ARN:MIKL to start writing he knew that it was going to be a challenge despite taking piano lessons at age 16. “I didn't really know what kind of music I wanted to create. I knew what I liked but I didn't know what my 'sound' would be. It took me a long time to figure that out.” That sound would end up being an assemblage of hip hop, rock, electronic, and pop music with a tight focus on songwriting and lyricism.

The “States of Matter” EP is ARN:MIKL's debut record. The title of the record has a couple of different meanings. “There are three (or four depending who you ask) states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. If you freeze water and make ice the state of matter changes but it still has the same molecular structure. It's still water. I felt like that was a good analogy for the type of music I make. It can either be a little more hip hop, a little more electronic or whatever but it's always going to be my music. It will always have my unique sound.” Alternatively the word “matter” could mean some sort of problem. “I've has so many issues with writing this record. Financial, creative, technical … I had my hard drive crash on me twice and had to rewrite all the songs!” But after more than 5 years “States of Matter” is here. More than just writing, producing, and mixing this record ARN:MIKL also designed the artwork and the website

While this idea of blending genres in music certainly isn't a new one ARN:MIKL hopes to bring a refreshing take on culture crossing. “I want as many people as possible to hear the music, but I think instead of trying to be forced into an audience's psyche I should just let the right audience find me. I don't want people to like me because they think they're supposed to.”

And the name? “I was sitting in class one day not paying attention (stay in school kids!) and wrote it down. I thought it looked cool written out like that so I decided to go with it.” Although the strange way of spelling his name may confuse some potential listeners, ARN:MIKL isn't worried. “I already saw that there are a couple other artists out there named Aaron Michael and was taken. It's cool though because I think it helps people know what they're about to experience before they even hear the music.”

In his time when he's not writing ARN:MIKL enjoys DJing. Being an avid fan of dance music and believing that a DJ has the power to expose people to new and exciting music it's more than just a hobby for him. “I really enjoy the reaction you can get when you see a crowd go nuts over a great song. Equally I love the feeling of discovering something new and I get excited about showing others new music. It's great.” You may see him performing at a local venue or DJing a nightclub somewhere but he won't be partaking in much of the party life. ARN:MIKL is straight-edge.

What the future holds for ARN:MIKL is yet to be seen but at 26 years old he feels as if he's ready to break out onto the music scene in a major way. “There's always going to be a place in the world for an artists like me. I'm different enough not to be boring but I'm not so different that people can't relate.”


"States of Matter" EP [2011]

Set List

Angels + Demons
Lost On My Own
Dangerous Days
Pale Effort