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The best kept secret in music


""his ability to create potentially slammin' music may soon have him facing-off with Billboard's best.""

"his ability to create potentially slammin' music may soon have him facing-off with Billboard's best." says: The old cliche "It ain't where ya from, its where ya at", holds well and true for any artist aspiring to make a name for himself and the place he represents. The emergence of Canadian artists in the last 4 years is unprecedented and slowly the American music industry is recognizing the plethera of talent within that humongous country which prides itself in "The Mountie, and Hockey". Though Arnold Hugo Stolting doesn't do face-offs, his ability to create potentially slammin' music may soon have him facing-off with Billboard's best. His independent installment, "Do You Wanna Wanna Make Love Tonight" puts your mind into a time warp back into the mid 1980's. The beat is fully locked within your ear drums, giving you the shades of pop and latin freestyle rhythm. His voice blends well within the track giving it that "get on the floor and move" type of feel. Add all of that together and you have a radio friendly jam that can span coast to coast. The song's intro was really tight, giving you that anticipation that what Stolting will drop is going to be tight, "Do You Wanna Make Love Tonight" shows shades of brillance to bring us back to the old school and get our feet moving to the beat, and watch for the name Arnold Hugo Stolting, not on a hockey jersey, but in your music stores next to "hot sellers".

""He'll sing you right out of those cumbersome underthings you're wearing.""

"He'll sing you right out of those cumbersome underthings you're wearing."

Arnold Hugo Stolting doesn't pussyfoot around, dropping hints and whispering about sex into any welcoming ear. He shouts about making love from mountaintops made of stacked beats and R&B grooves. You get the feeling when he coyly asks "Do you wanna wanna make love tonight?" that he'll sing you right out of those cumbersome underthings you're wearing.

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""There is something to be said for a track that is produced by one person alone.""

"There is something to be said for a track that is produced by one person alone."
Deep Rooted @ Says: "Im always impressed with any artist who is a "do it yourself" kind of musician. There is something to be said for a track that is produced by one person alone." Arnold-Hugo-Stolting's latest song, "Do You Wanna Wanna Make Love Tonight" blends old school club beats with a new and refreshing lyrical style. This is a track to shake your ass to. With it's hypnotic beat and layers and layers of unique sounds, DYWWMLT will get the dance floor moving. And how many times have you wished that the lyrics of your favorite dance track enabled you to make a move on your dance partner(s)? With the recent re-surgence of house music, the market is booming for artists like Arnold. And although dance music often gets meshed into one category and is dismissed as irrelevant cause of its lack of lyrical content, DYWWMLT possesses both the club bumpin beat with great vocals and even better production. Arnold-Hugo-Stolting is taking over where artists like the Low Fidelity AllStars, Rinocerose and Fat Boy Slim have left off. Don't be surprised when you are out at the club this weekend and you hear this track blazin over the loud speakers.
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Most recent singles:

NEW FOR 2006
Artist: JR LOU
SIngle: Life is like a dream.
Version: Reggae Radio remix
(Remixed By Arnold Hugo Stolting)

NEW FOR 2006
Artist: Arnold Hugo Stolting
Version: Dance Reggae Radio Remix
(Produced and performed by Arnold Hugo Stolting)


Feeling a bit camera shy


ARNOLD HUGO STOLTING has been described as a multi talented Music Entrepreneur. He is a Composer, Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer, Artist Manager and runs several business ventures.

His past and present music industry ventures have taken him from being a Disc Jockey in clubs in the late 80's, all the way across the board from Songwriting, Composing, and Arranging, to all aspects of Music production, including artist vocal guidance, Drum pattern and Keys Programming, Mixing and Mastering.

As technology continues to change, he keeps up to date by learning more each day about new ways of Music Production, Promotion and Distribution in order to remain succesful on-line and off-line.

Arnolds life's passions are his spirituality, creating music and helping others, therefore he has spent much of his time in the past helping other unsigned recording artists to turn their song ideas into their first demo CD production.

He creates music in the styles of Dance, Pop, R&B, Reggae, and even some styles that one can not put a name too. Currently Christian based material is of interest as well.

Arnolds musical inspirations come from Bob Marley and the Wailers, and his motivation to produce, remix and DJ in the past and present is credited to Ben Liebrand from the Netherlands where he grew up.

He runs a company called the STOLTING MEDIA GROUP which branches off into several different music industry ventures including Music Production and Remixing.

The STOLTING MEDIA GROUP organization operates on Christian principles and ethics, and is registered with the Government of Ontario with its main office located in the music and movie city of Toronto Ontario Canada, however other related companies and services are located worldwide.

The group is licensed, authorized and qualified to offer Music Production, Entertainment and Media products and services in a professional capacity
(ie: Radio Broadcast quality productions, and retail ready quality masters).

On the Music Publishing side of things,
STOLTING MEDIA GROUP owners and associates are professional affiliate Music Publisher Members
with the Society of Composers Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). Songwriter member since 1992. Professional music publisher member, since 1995. And the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) Professional Music Publisher affiliation since 1995.

A recent is WWW.REMIXMYDEMO.COM which is a great site for independent artists who would like their demos remixed into a slammin production.

You can simply go online and upload all your files including your vocal tracks, and the production crew will take care of the rest.

A current Artist Development and Artist Management project includes the Executive Production of the Reggae Remix "Life" (Life is like a dream) for upcoming Reggae Artist Junior Lou

This upcoming Artist is now under Management with Arnold Hugo Stolting at the Stolting Media Group.

Thank you for supporting all independent music ventures and productions offered through the Stolting Media Group.