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Purveyor of top notch instrumental progressive rock, Arnulfo Salinas, is destiny-bound to be a conqueror in the kingdom of music. His songwriting is packed with intelligence, thoughtfulness, originality and sheer opiate-strength grooves and songbuilding. All Those Feelings Music, says Arnulfo, can bring to mind a whole slew of emotional responses: happiness, sadness, laughter, sorrow, reflection on life, death, love and heartbreak and more … In other words, music spans the whole length of mankind’s emotional spectrum. It is capable of conveying a wealth of ideas and feelings. Especially in the hands of a master like Salinas. Healer “Music is a healer,” declares Arnulfo. If so, then Salinas is a master physician. “It’s made for all to laugh, to fill sorrow, fill pain … to escape our everyday life situations, to touch a person’s soul with all of this …” This is the sort of emotional impact that comes with every song written and performed by Salinas. Here is a musician and songwriter at peak form. The Artist at Work Recording is under way and work on a new release commence soon. A shining future lies ahead and Salinas gives the credit to his family and heroes. “My influences are my mother and father, my daughter's besides my musical influences, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson.” .” “Salinas’ song structures reveals true musical smarts and an ability to stimulate the audience with wordless but meaningful art.”

Thanks to all for the cyber friendships and checking out my music!! As to my style I try to add a little of all the music I surrounded myself with when I was young I loved Southern Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd was my favorite Street Survivor's album along with all the earlier stuff of course The Original Synyrd with Ronnie as the front man I still love all those song's. Then the list grew bigger Charlie Daniels , Marshall Tucker, Outlaws and so forth. Then came the metal year's when I first heard Judas Priest southern rock took a back seat but was still in the list. Iron Maiden and so many other's I had another avenue to learn more great music!! Then came the guitar heroe's to many to list but my first was early year's Eddy Van Halen with all his little trick's and different tuning's of the guitar my eye's became wide open to the new possibility's of playing this instrument.One of the coolest song's I learned from Eddy beside's ERUPTION was Top Jimmy, the thing about Eddy was you had to learn how he was tuning his guitar first before learning the song.Top Jimmy E flat 7th no 3rd if you can figure this out it is correct believe me it took me forever to figure this song out.I retuned my guitar one day to this song and handed it to a good friend of mine who play's very well and he told me it was out of tune so before he tuned it back I told him hang on let me show you something.I then played Top Jimmy for him and blew him away not because of my playing but because it was right.Then when I heard Randy Roads man he is the king and his music still lives a couple of favorite's are Little Dolls & Diary Of A Madman Randy was before his time and still is!! Maybe Randy & Dime & Stevie & Jimi are ripping it up as we speak!! When I write music and play of course I play my style but when I enjoy music I listen to a wide assortment just so I don't keep my eye's closed to new idea's and new direction's. I have to say that one of the greatest moment's that had something to do with music was the opportunity to meet Joe Satriani one of my biggest and most influence's today and also another was meeting Eric Johnson thanks guy's.One man on the too meet list is Steve Vai !! Then little did I know that I would meet GodSmack man I guess life just get's better and better Peace to you guy's. As to this day their is still one player that I still listen to and learn his stuff as well as many other's and that is a little guy from Texas by the name of Johnny Winter I love to resignate with the blues and blues solo's I guess because this is the one style that stuck with me all these year's. Now don't count out Billy Gibbon's and also Stevie Ray I love playing their song's so thanks for stoping in and I thank you all for any kind of support!! My number one Music Inspiration Joe Satriani!!