A Road Less Traveled

A Road Less Traveled


In 2007 we were voted by our fans as the "Best Independent Band" in CCM Magazine's reader's choice awards. Averaging 100 shows per year playing in venues ranging from churches, to bars, to bowling alley's our desire is to show that there is hope and love in the arms of Christ.


Recently awarded the “Best Independent Band of 2007” in CCM Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards, A Road Less Traveled has created an attention-demanding buzz amongst live music circles across the country. Dubbed a “Famecast Fenom” through a worldwide online video competition called Famecast, they were awarded a notable cash prize through the support of their wide-spread fan base, affectionately referred to as ‘Roadies’.

During the fall of 2007, two tracks off of their debut album “Rescue” achieved national air play without the funding of a record label. This project contains 12 hard-hitting songs that will leave you humming the melody to tunes like the lyrically inquisitive and hope-infusing “Maybe”.

Amongst other highlights such as sitting on the Top 30 spots on ChristianRock.net, and playing on radios everywhere, ARLT has emerged on the scene with an obvious fervor to make their presence and their purpose known in the Christian music industry.

“We just really want to present a message of hope to anyone who will give us an honest listen,” says Shawn Anglin, electric guitarist for the band. “We play for a generation that is just tired and discouraged, and they need to know that they are needed and they can have something positive to contribute to our world”.

Sharing the stage with acts like Family Force 5, Pillar, Tait, Seventh Day Slumber, Superchick, Kutless, Building 429 and Barlow Girl, this band presents a willingness to play anywhere they can. The November 2006 issue of CCM magazine noted, "A steady diet of touring, from churches to festivals to camps and bowling alleys, has solidified these five into one of the best independent outfits on present rock scene." After playing more than 100 shows in 2007 it’s easy to see that 2008 is definitely a year of promise for A Road Less Traveled.



Written By: A Road Less Traveled

Every time I walk on thin Ice
I feel like I'm gonna fall in

But I see love comin'
To my rescue runnin'
I hear hope callin'
Out my name, I'm runnin to you

I fall so hard to rock bottom
It hurts so bad to hit the ground


Written By: A Road Less Traveled

I feel so overtaken by this need to remain
In this state of empty meaning
It all seems so mundane
I try so hard to keep up, put this in my past
But I know this feeling, it will never last
Stop me from advancing into this abyss
I want more to this life than my emptiness
Keep me here where You are
Don't think twice and give up
I want to cross the line, Give me momentum

You have only one thing left to lose
Set aside your own life and all that's due
Find within yourself the one to fear
Don't forget the One who's brought you here

Fumbling around all these notions
Can't get it right this time
Everyone else is proceeding while I fall far behind
Can't get across this ocean, thoughts fill up my mind
I wish I could see clearly, but this fog blurs my eyes
Break me into pieces, put me in my place
Give my world rotation, Send me into space
Blind my eyes from darkness, Give me strength to run
I hope for a victory, Give me momentum


Written By: A Road Less Traveled

You wait for someone just to hold you
Someone just to love you, and tell you that you're somethin'
Well all they ever do is hurt you, so tell me does it hurt you
When you tell yourself you're nothin'

Maybe I'll scream and maybe I'll fight for nothin'
what's it to you if I make a fuss
Cause Love didn't come, and Love, He didn't die for nothin'
So tell me would you just turn your back on Love?

You scream hoping someone will, someone will hear you
Well, don't scream, No, don't scream
Because Love is right behind you

There's a sweet sweet smell of rain
A sweet sweet smell of change
There's somethin' in the air again
Can you feel it comin'?

Save Me

Written By: A Road Less Traveled

After all I've been through
Cancer eats at my skin
Ever since the day I defied You
I feel like I have been lied to
Can I confide in you, and believe in things unseen?

Can I breathe you in?

Can you save me from this pain I'm feeling?
Embrace me after where I've been?
Did you mistake me for somebody else,
And take me in with you again?

look at these scars it's left
My veins are filled with the poison
This is the path that I've chosen
can I confide in You, and believe in things unseen


2004- "Loved By You" -Single
2005-"Who I Am"- EP
2007- "Rescue" -CCM Sampler CD
2007-"Rescue"-Full Length CD
2007-"Maybe" -National and regional airplay
2008-"Momentum"- National and regional airplay

Set List

Our set is all originals and usually last 45-60 minutes.

World Away
Go On
Feel You
Save Me

If encored we play "Who I Am" and/or "Pieces" by Red