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AROARAH ?Aroarah are an energetic rock band from Sacremento, CA and these girls know how to apply the mild verse / harder chorus structure as it was intended. They fuse punk into their rock and come off way more seasoned than their age would suggest. So much so they’ve attracted the attention of Shavo Odadjian (System Of A Down) who directed a promo DVD for them. Because they’re all female, some lazy writers may compare them to The Donnas which is unfair and inaccurate as they two bands have different styles. Aroarah’s powerful vocals and a nice crunch factor make for good songs like Unfold, Summer Lies and In Dreams. I can see them landing on a large indie or even a major label- check them out now and beat the crowd and while you’re at it, check out our feature this month with them as well. ? ??by: Samuel

- East Coast Romper

"Aroarah EP Review"

8.15.05 Metal Maidens Magazine - The Netherlands (read review)- Aroarah EP Review - Together Life Means So Much More (EP) (January Music Group)

AROARAH consists of Kenzie Knoester on drums, Morgan Knoester on guitar and vocals, Lydia Gavin on lead vocals and guitar and Chelsea Baker on bass and vocals. Yes, you’ve got that right, this band is an all-girl formation. And this EP consists of four songs and about thirteen minutes of hot steaming music. When you think about an all- female band, your thoughts might go out to the raw music of KITTIE, or to the punk rock of THE DONNAS. Now you may add AROARAH to the list, but they sound much different than the two bands, I mentioned earlier. I hear alternative metal mixed with a healthy dose of aggression. It’s like AVRIL LAVIGNE singing in PAPA ROACH, or GWEN STEFANI joining SYSTEM OF A DOWN. Think about these combinations. One minute they show you their sensitive side, while at other times they attack you with their claws. On this EP you can have a listen to “Open Eyed”, “Summer Lies”, “My Shoulder To Yours” and “In Dreams”. Catchy songs with a heavy undertone here and there. There might be a few international radio stations, who will pick this up, ‘cause it definitely has got potential. I’d go for the last song as my personal favorite. By putting the CD in your PC, you can download the bonus track “Red” from the bands website on MP3 format. Great idea by a very interesting outfit. Check them out! Website: [7 points] (Toine van Poorten) - Metal Maidens Magazine


Hey on Saterday day one of Springfest @ 3:20 a bad ass band from Sacto CA will take center stage at the Dome.

Oh wait did I mention it's an all female band rocking this testostorone filled festival for the second time Aroarah first played the event back in 2003. Sicne then they have been very busy making a huge name for them selves keeping busy playing at the X-Games, Powderpuff Snowboarder Tour, and they've even done a Converse shoe commercial.

The sound. It's as polished as the Smashing Pumpkins and at time can get as Angry as Hole's Live Through This. Very melodic, very guitar heavy. Great harmonies with the vocals. So remember to check them out and show them some Valley love. JR - ILLPRESS MAGAZINE


This all-female rock outfit from northern California has been making quite a splash, and rightfully so. Blending a mix of grrl punk and metal aggression, Aroarah call to mind such talented groups as Veruca Salt, L7, and Kittie. Only just out of high school, the girls have issued three demos and secured a spot on the Vans Warped Tour. There's much to come from Aroarah. - HARVESTMOON MAGAZINE


I would wait those horrendous hours standing in line just to guarantee myself a front-row spot to see Aroarah live. This is what an all-girl rock band should sound like! This EP impressed me 1,000 times over... I just couldn’t get enough of this album. Aroarah has the perfect mix of beautiful and raspy vocals, make-you-want-to-mosh drum beats, and phenomenal guitar striking. And it’s all girls? I’m there! This four girl group, made up of two sisters and their best friends is definitely making it known that girls can rock out.

Aroarah’s original sound has caught the attention of big producers, campaign managers and radio stations. From high school band battles to performing with big-name artists, these girls still stay true to their up-front and here-it-is attitude. Their EP booklet is showered in beautiful sketches and the lyrics to the four songs on the album. I checked out their website and looked on in amazement at how professional these girls are. Aroarah is definitely bringing back the grrl, to grrl rock… one yell and guitar strike at a time.

This EP is a definite must-listen, if you’re any sort of a girl rocker you have to be an Aroarah fan. You can count on seeing me rocking out in the mosh pit when they come to town!

-Monica Martin - GIRL PUNK.NET

"Musicians vie for mobile success"

By Elizabeth Biddlecombe
in San Francisco

Aroarah are one of the 15 finalists
Fifteen aspiring bands are bidding to have a song released on a national mobile phone network in the US before they even have a record deal.

They have been selected from a total of 4,033 entrants in a contest being held by US mobile operator Verizon Wireless and online community service

It is now up to the MySpace community, which totals 37.7 million unique visitors worldwide according to audience measurement company ComScore Networks, to vote for their favourites.

The five bands to receive the most votes will be announced on the Calling All Bands page on on 24 March. But the final choice will be up to Verizon and, with the ultimate winner to be announced on 29 March.

The winning band will see their song released as a download on the music service on VCast, the third-generation mobile service from Verizon.

It will also be made into a ringtone and a ringback tone. A music video will be made of the song which people can see either on or on VCast phones.

In return the winner will be required to update the contest page on a regular basis with blog entries, photos and videos but will get Verizon services and devices worth $3,500 for a year as part of their prize.

Amazing exposure

Some of the semi-finalists already tour, have put out CDs or music videos. All are already established on

One of them, an all-girl punk band called Aroarah, has toured on the well-known punk Warped Tour and has been featured in TV adverts for US mobile operator Sprint Nextel and clothing company Converse.

Verizon will make the song available as a download
They are in the middle of looking for a record label, according to Lydia Gavin, lead vocalist and guitarist in the band.

Winning the competition would bring Aroarah "an amazing amount of exposure", says Gavin.

But Gavin recognises that putting out a single on VCast will not replace a traditional record deal, not least because "you can contact so many more people than have just the one phone plan".

Verizon started its VCast music download service at the beginning of the year. It sells music downloads for a PC for 99 cents, and $1.99 for downloads via the phone.

It is not clear how many people use the new service. One industry analyst, Lewis Ward of International Data Corporation, estimates that there are just 500,000 VCast customers out of a total of 51.3 million Verizon users in total.

Reaching fans

There is considerable interest from independent musicians and music outlets in putting music out on mobile phones. People can already share their music from phone to phone, as an MP3 file using the short-range wireless Bluetooth technology.

However there is nothing that allows the same kind of worldwide sharing of music from phone-to-phone across different operator networks in the same way that the fixed internet allows.

In contrast MySpace has become invaluable to musicians both well established and undiscovered as a way to interact with their fans and make their music available for listening.

Aroarah uses its MySpace page to keep in touch with fans as far from the band's native California as Germany and the Philippines.

"MySpace is an amazing tool," says Gavin who, along with her three other band members, has a personal page on the site in addition to the Aroarah page.

Over the past month, the website, now a part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, has been taking steps to make its services available via mobile operators in the US, and it is rumoured to be considering a mobile phone service of its own. - BBC NEWS





- Performed main stage alongside Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, and Gnarles Barkley for KWOD’s Twisted x-mas Radio show at Arco arena
- Named best all girl rock band since The Runaways by All Access Magazine
- Performed live on KlOS radio Mark and Brian in The morning, which received such a great response it re aired two days later
- Nominated for Artist Of The Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards
- Nominated and won the Southern California Music Awards for best out of area
- Epk directed by Shavo Odadjian (System Of A Down)
- Performed on Music Plus TV
- Starred in nationally televised Converse commercial
- Limited edition Converse shoe with Aroarah logo
- Performed live on Sacramento’s channel 10 news as their featured artist
- Featured in an article for BBC News
- The first all girl rock band to be endorsed through ESP guitars
- Featured as American Idol Underground’s spotlight artist in the 2005 December issue of Rolling Stone Magazine
- Receiving national and international radio and Internet radio airplay
- Getting reviews nationally and internationally in magazines and web zines
- Performed live on ESPN and Fox Sports taking main stage for the ASA/MSS skateboard championships. This aired nationally and was distributed to 180 countries
- Recorded their EP with their producer Jasan Radford of OneSideZero and engineer James Murray (Hoobastank, Janes Addiction, Papa Roach).
- Their music is airing for all ASA/MSS events on ESPN and Fox Sports

aurora (au-ro-ra)

The lights dim, the crowd that was once uncontrollably chanting now silences and awaits the band that has captured their souls. A slipped giggle is heard behind the curtain and as their intro begins so does the reoccurrence of screams. To the new comers' suprise, the girls they have been hitting on all night are now rocking them! This faction of audacious and innovative women formed when they were only of high school age. With two of them sisters; all best friends, there has never been a doubt that passion would be the element that fueled their music. Lydia’s visceral lyrics are a perfect match for Morgan’s unique guitar shrills, and gut wrenching screams. Chelsea explores the bass with the essence of mystery transpiring from her every melody, and with the addition of Mackenzie, a self taught perfectionist moving over her kit with a fiery grace, these four are the perfect counterparts to creating a sound unlike anything else.
This award-winning congregation possesses an impenetrable performance schedule that has proven them to be the hardest working band out there. Aroarah retains a nationally running Converse Commercial, performed on the Vans Warped Tour, and was featured in the December 2005 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. With Having their EPK directed by Shavo Odadjian Of System Of A Down and Jasan Radford of OneSideZero producing the record there seems to be nothing these girls can't do.
Aroarah’s intriguing performances leave the audience stunned at the level of artistic communication while experiencing the reality of their meaningful lyrics. One is compelled to feel as though these girls have spoken directly to he or she thus creating a never-ending relationship. When power meets beauty Aroarah is created and the limits fabricated by the music industry have been castrated.