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This band has not uploaded any videos



"MCWC Radio in Mora, Sweden"

“He is definitely what country music has been missing as a whole.” - Lars G Lundburo

"Primchme Radio 1ZZ in New Ireland"

“When can we hear more great music by an new and emerging artist” - Phillip Crookes

"KNON in Dallas TX"

“Very exceptional singer, I know he will have a great future among the Texas music scene” - Texas Trevor

"Radio Stanayste in Rotteroam Netherlands"

“Phenomenal music by a phenomenal artist” - Stanley Van Kallen

"Super Country Hits out of Delberville, MS"

“Along for the Ride is a nice upbeat song that fits in nicely on” - Raymond Chest Jr


"Cowboy Mix" "Fortuneteller" and "Ride" have all been released to radio with play in the some of the western states and overseas.



Dees' spirited voice itself originates from the great Cowboy State. And though Wyoming may have the lowest population of all fifty states, it just may be responsible for introducing one of the biggest talents destined for the country music world. From an area renowned for the beauty and diversity of its grand landscape comes a unique voice steeped in those very same characteristics. From a state standing on its cowboy heart. It's a combination only Wyoming could produce. And why Dees stands poised to take you on the ride of your life through the tapestry of his voice.

Dees' musical roots began at home. Thanks to his mother, he grew up on a steady diet of traditional country the likes of Patsy Cline and George Strait. But then asked about his biggest influence. There is no hestitation and his admiration is palpable.

"Chris LeDoux. No Doubt about it. I love Chris and the music he made. It's Wyoming music, cowboy music. I owned every single one of his tapes and couldn't get enough. Because I can relate to him and every single song he sang. You have to know what details that kind of life, out on the prairie or on a cattle drive. It really meant something to me. It still does."

"I want my songs to mean something to somebody. Just like Chris LeDoux's music meant something to me. And I just believe that it can and will."

One listen to the trinity of tunes found on the EP disc and one has to believe as well. It's a voice familiar, yet distinctly fresh. When asked to describe his music, Dees comes up with the following recipe: traditional country mixed with some country rock then injected with cowboy country with a little country pop tossed in along the way. And is there a specific formula? Absolutely not. He just goes from the heart, something abundantly evident in the songs he writes.

This quiet, strong, introspective man continues working as he awaits the day when his music will break as far and wide as the Wyoming Sky. And no doubt when it does, it will reflect every color of his musical palate. The end result is destined to be as richly textured as his beloved prairie landscape. Because like Dees himself says, "there's no one I would compare myself to and no one else I want to be; there's just nobody like me out there right now." Which marks him as one who is capable of riding a completely fresh breath of air into country music today. Pure country air at that. Something Aron Dees wouldn't have any other way.

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