Aron Van Alstine

Aron Van Alstine

 Ojai, California, USA

Call it old-fashioned. Aron Van Alstine plays rock’n’roll with hints of punk, folk, Motown, and pop. Sometimes earnest, sometimes ironic, his songwriting is full of surprises. Combine that with the power and dynamics of the Guildsmen, and you get music that is gritty and uplifting.


Born in Minneapolis, raised on Bob Dylan and Prince, Aron Van Alstine is a long way from home. As idyllic childhood gave way to teen angst, he traded piano lessons for playing electric guitar in rock bands. Disillusioned by musical academia, he became a poet in college. His travels began at a protest in Washington D.C. and ended three years later on the beach in Brazil. Along the way he’s played gigs from backyards to concert halls. His journey led him to a counter-cultural village on the outskirts of L.A. where he currently teaches, performs, and surfs.


Trees (Grow in the Ground)

Written By: Aron Van Alstine

Trees grow in the ground, but trees don't make a sound.
Guitars don't grow on trees. Strings don't fall like leaves.
Lord, help me please see the forest for the trees.
We chop them down to make our sound
and the wood we dedicate to thee.

A song can change the world like a bird or like a squirrel.
They live in the trees and help spread out the seeds.
Lord, help me please to pull these weeds.
I'm so strung out and I doubt
that you can even hear my pleas.

A song is like the wind blowin' through the trees.
If you're still enough, you can feel the breeze.
Lord, help me please get off my knees.
My head bowed I pray somehow,
someday that you'll be part of me.


The debut album "Here Comes a Train" includes the songs "Here Comes a Train,"" "Get Over Your Self," and "Up in the Air."

The 2011 EP "Still Life" EP includes the songs "Do What Dreams Come True" and "Go There With You."

Set List

While focused on our original material, we do play a wide variety of dance covers depending on the venue and crowd.