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"Let Alone Sea Album Preview"

"Employing dreamy rock with a sea-salt haze, Rose's newest record is a smoky testament to new forms of folk." -AOL's - AOL's

"Arrica Rose & the ...'s Show Preview/Album Review"

For some artists, music is a natural form of expression, while others need to go through a type of purgatory to get his/her inner genius out in the world. A quick listen to the third full-length release from Arrica Rose & the ...'s (“The Dot Dot Dots”) will clearly reveal that the chanteuse falls into the first category. Her golden singing voice comes as easily as the act of talking. On the new album, entitled "Let Alone Sea," Rose is dynamic as ever. Rose and her band gracefully move from straightforward folk tunes to songs that could have easily been taken over by a Bat For Lashes-inspired alter-ego. "We Made Out Alright" has a ghostly feel to it, but still maintains a strong guitar presence. The touches of Nashville, with her smooth, moody voice, also carry a strong authentic tone that makes the listener feel at home. While her soft whispers are comforting, the emotions also have an edge that could turn at any given moment. The album is a cozy experience, but also keeps listeners on their toes. Arrica Rose & the ...'s will be playing at Room 5 on Saturday, October 1. - Karla Hernández - The Deli

"Buzzbands.LA's local favorites of 2011"

"Nothing Nada Nothing" one of Buzzbands.LA's favorite local songs of 2011 - Buzzbands.LA

"#19 in Blurt Magazine's Top 50 albums of 2011"

Warm, natural, casually excellent, this LA songwriter's third full-length feels as soft and worn-in as an old tee-shirt. Her dusky alto is sure and true, fluttering a little at the edges, and there's an Americana ease to these melodies, a bit of twang and blues slipped into their clean pop contours, though all that is layered over with a dreamy bit of gauze. - Blurt Magazine

"Let Alone Sea Official iTunes Review"

"Let Alone Sea is a constant treat of tranquil elegance." - iTunes

"New & Noteworthy"

Arrica Rose & the ...'s 'Let Alone Sea' and 'Pretend I'm Fur' featured as iTunes New & Noteworthy releases. - iTunes

"Let Alone Sea by Austin Trunick"

"Highly recommended, Let Alone Sea is worth checking out at the very least for "Nothing Nada Nothing", one of the best indie rock tracks released this year." - Consequence of Sound

"LA Weekly Arrica Rose Review"

"Contemplating the hazy space between Billie Holiday and Mazzy Star, Arrica Rose's intuitive guitar and introverted yet iron-willed utterances create sounds both mellow and dramatic...More produced than ever yet still almost chewably organic, Arrica Rose's effortlessly sensual music places little filter between her fears and longings and our own." - LA Weekly

"Let Alone Sea by Kevin Bronson"

"Those ellipses L.A. songstress Arrica Rose has tacked onto her band name represent tacit acknowledgment to the many contributors who worked on her third release, “Let Alone Sea.” But the punctuation in Arrica Rose & the ...'s (say: “dot dot dots”) could also be a metaphor for her songwriting skins. Rose takes her pointed confessionals and precise phrasing into pop, classic rock and Americana territory over the course of the album’s nine originals, hitting home with the folky, understated “Nothing Nada Nothing” and the breathy, spy-pop “We Made Out Alright.” She wraps the whole burrito by marrying “Video Killed the Radio Star” with “Wonderful World,” a nifty sleight-of-hand that alone testifies Rose can wear whatever skin she wants." - Buzzbands LA

"Let Alone Sea by Jennifer Kelly"

"Warm, natural, casually excellent...This is a fantastic album, instantly accessible but gaining depth and nuance every time you put it on." - Blurt Magazine

"The Tone Bank by AJ Charron"

The three song ep "The Tone Bank totally blew me away. Arrica Rose is an amazing artist.

The EP starts with the incredibly strong yet srange "Underwater Baby", a very powerful song that comes out of nowhere, hits you and leaves you breathless. It's follwed by amore relaxed, yet equally powerful piece called "Almost Pretty" and closes with the beautiful "Pisces".

The performance is so incredible that it takes several listens before realizinh there are no drums or basses. Her beautiful voice, one of the best I've heard, guitars, Casio sounds and Yamaha Synth. - Guitar Noise

"Arrica Rose Review"

"Influenced by artists ranging from Billie Holiday to Bob Dylan, Rose's rich vocals and sweet guitar are backed by the melodic strummings and beats of her band...Rose's brand of slow, soulful rock shines." - Venus Magazine

"Ultimate Cover Song - Best Cover Songs"

Arrica Rose's cover of Tragedy featured by ESQUIRE as one of the 'Best Covers of All Time' - Esquire

"Auto-pilot by Sarah Zachrich"

“You know the old saw ‘she could sing the phonebook’? Arrica Rose has one of those voices. I don’t know how old Miss Rose is, but her molasses-sweet, slightly rasping croon has more than 20 odd years of pain in it.”
- Splendid Magazine

"Auto-pilot by Beren Huett"

There are some singers who sound decades older than they are. Fiona Apple and Aimee Mann are two that immediately come to mind. Keep in mind that decades older doesn't mean vocals ravaged by a pack-a-day habit or recreational drug use but older as in "I have lived, loved, lost and learned.
Okay, so it sounds a bit cheesy, like a promo for a Lifetime or Oxygen made for TV movie. But smoky-voiced chanteuses backed by worthy bands is exactly what the world needs more of right now. Enter Arrica Rose a California based singer/songwriter with one foot planted in folk songstress land and the other rooted in rock.
Here's to hoping that this time talent doesn't need a gimmick. Rose is clearly a talented musician who is in control of her gifts. Her voice has the ability to make your heart-stop. It's somehere in the neighborhood of a more world-weary and less hippy-dippy Sarah Mclachlan. Lyrically, Rose hits her mark as well. "The Cigarette Song" has its eye on the classic elements of Americana: Running on empty/on a road that never ends. Prospects unwind/ like a spark that never dies.
Songs like "Words Away" and "Blue" take common themes (love, loss) and utilize Rose's voice like a weapon to fend off the hoards of lesser folkies surely nipping at her heels, paying there dues in crappy coffee shops. - Performer Magazine

"People Like Us by Corey Russell"

"The last two bands I latched onto this quickly were the White Stripes and Modest Mouse. I now have another one. Los Angeles based Arrica Rose and the Dot, Dot,Dot's have recently released their first full-length CD, People Like Us. It's a 12-song effort filled with poetry disguised as lyrics and music with a country/blues/bluegrass/rock sound."

- The Daily Sun

"People Like Us by Katie Burnett"

"It's a bankable proposition that Arrica Rose and the ...'s first full-length album People Like Us will be the soundtrack of TV shows like Greys Anatomy and The OC next year. Those shows are well known for finding smaller acts capable of great things and launching them into stardom, something for which this band seems destined.

Rose is a force to be reckoned with. Having recorded her first self-titled EP on her bedroom floor and her second EP in her closet with the aid of a drum sampler and a miniature keyboard, sh proves with People Like Us that she's not going anywhere til she's heard. Her melodic voice floats through songs like "It's Good to Be What Your Not," "Everyone and No One Is Alone," and "Cats and Plants".With a sound reminiscent of artists such as Patti Smith, The Ditty Bops, CocoRosie, Rose masterfully brings indie-rock, alternative and folk to a new level in this album. These songs are sure to make there way into your ipod shuffle and into your heart."
- Performer Magazine

"Paste Recommended Album"

Paste Magazine Recommends Arrica Rose & the...'s La La Lost. - Paste Magazine


Let Alone Sea (featured airplay in Starbucks 11,000+ stores and AAA radio across the US)
Pretend I'm Fur EP
Uh-Huh Remix (featured on
La La Lost
Last Night on Earth EP
People Like Us



Arrica Rose & the ...'s Let Alone Sea is the band’s much-anticipated third full-length release. Produced by Dan Garcia with Arrica Rose, Let Alone Sea is Rose’s most honest and intimate work to date, a collection of 10 timeless songs with a warmth and depth usually reserved for vintage recordings. With its haunting melodies and imaginative lyrics, the album walks that unique line between contemporary and classic. Tracks from this collection of songs can currently be heard playing in Starbucks’ 11,000+ stores.

Part folk, part dream-pop and vintage rock, Arrica Rose coined the name The …’s (“The Dot Dot Dots”) to describe the collaborative nature of her project which evolved from a 4 piece guitar-driven band into an intricate sonic landscape including keys, mandolin, toy piano, omnichord and more.

"Her dusky alto is sure and true, fluttering a little at the edges, and there's an Americana ease to these melodies, a bit of twang and blues slipped into their clean pop contours, though all that is layered over with a dreamy bit of guaze." -Blurt Magazine (#19 in Blurt's Top 50 albums of 2011)

Let Alone Sea is the follow-up EP to Arrica Rose & the ...'s La La Lost, a Paste Magazine recommended album that charted on indie/college radio across the US and Canada as well as charting on Italy’s iTunes charts. Arrica Rose’s music has been featured on NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, The CW's Nikita as well as re-mixed by Grammy award-winning DJ Jeff Savage for Pretend I'm Fur, Rose’s last solo EP also garnered its own praise. Her cover of the Bee Gee’s “Tragedy” was featured by Esquire as one of ‘the best covers of all time’. The EP also debuted at #32 on the US iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts and received a New & Noteworthy iTunes feature.

In addition to her music projects, Arrica Rose is founder of I HEART ( an artist operated non-profit organization that raises money for local charities via creative projects and events. Arrica Rose has spearheaded events with artists and supporters from all walks of life including Crosby Stills & Nash, Willie Nelson, Rachel Maddow, Jackson Browne, Olivia Newton-John, Fran Drescher, Rosie O'donnell, Iron & Wine, Bird & the Bee, and many more.