Beth Arrison

Beth Arrison


"It’s another excellent, late-night event that makes beautiful use of a voice that sounds like vaporized honey, planting it in a garden of dreamy but slightly askew sonics." - Mike Bell, Ottawa Citizen


Beth Arrison, born and raised in the prairies, is a jazz musician often heard on the CBC. After a promising start with debut release, Modest Charms, Arrison relocated to California where she worked in the film industry while gigging at night. Returning north to record Chasing Butterflies, she settled in Whistler, BC & currently performs with grammy award recipient & percussionist Israel Berriel. Arrison received high praise from legendary producer Bob Ezrin who acted as engineer advisor on her latest session.


Modest Charms (2006)
Chasing Butterflies (2009)
Darling (2012)

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