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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Pop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Why Say Goodbye"


Office:101 W 22nd St STE 205 Baltimore MD 21218

Phone: 443.825.5571

Contact: Sherida Morrison
Cell: 443.825.5571

Why Say Goodbye

West Palm Beach, FL - What happens when you mix the outstanding talents of an Italian drummer, Bahamian/Haitian keyboardist and Haitian vocalist; a fresh and talented band, ARRIVEDERCI (pronounced ah-ree-ve-der-chee). Arrivederci is a collective group of musical alchemist. Alchemy involves the art of transformation. In their case it’s the art of musical transformation.

ARRIVEDERCI sought to grasp an artistic approach to the music industry. In the midst of all the commonality ARRIVEDERCI has a sound unparallel to the rest. With an ingenious marriage of urban and rock music they have been innovative in creating a vibrant yet original sound. Pulling inspiration from Maroon 5, Cold Play, Michael Jackson and Kanye West they are able to write music that is unconventional, yet can be considered as candy for your ears.

 This band has released their debut album, “Goodbye”, on June 24, 2009. Unveiling their hit single “Do it Again” is a suitable introduction to this Electro-pop selection; why say goodbye when we can do it again! Among the many hits on this album one song brilliantly, titled "Victory" encourages dreamers to dream & believers to believe. We all possess priceless intangibles and this is expressed clearly in this song. Victory has an urban pop feel that sings an Ol to inspiration!

Arrivederci has unleashed the true meaning of autonomy in their music; fresh, hip, catchy, free, clean and inspirational. The album is available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and at any live show. - Sherida Morrison of Energy Theory Management

"Radio Tracking Report"





(Mona Lisa)

#33* AC40 Chart/NMW!

#16* AC40 Indie Chart/NMW!

#25* Top40 Indie Chart/NMW!

#45* Top 100 Chart/NMW!

Top 200 Chart/FMQB/ACQB!

WQXQ/Owensboro, KY (7a)

WOCO/Green Bay, WI (18-23)

KGWL/Grand Junction, CO (45-55)

KKRB/Klamath Falls, OR (28-30)

QYK/Prattville, AL (35-40)

I-Radio/Los Angeles, CA (35-42)

KEHK/Eugene, OR (21-27)

KVRG/Palisade, CO (40-45)

KZWY/Sheridan, WY (28-28)

KLQQ/Clearmont, WY (28-32)

KKJJ/Klamath Falls, OR (10-10)

KCHE/Sioux City, IA (10-10)

KDAA/Rolla, MO (7-7)

KFEG/Springfield, OR (8-8)

KGY/Olympia, WA (14-16)

WMUT/Granada, MS (7-7)

WLEX/Lexington, KY (35-35)

KIXR/Ponca City, OK (5-5)

WWIS/Black River Falls, WI (10-10)

KWYO/Cheyenne, WY (14-14)

KQCR/Hampton, IA (21-21)

WJER/Dover, OH (14-14)

KTRN/Black River Falls, WI (7-7)

WJDR/New Philadelphia, OH (14-14)

KCHD/Cherokee, IA (7-7)

Total Stations: 25

Adds: 1

Spins: 437

Increase: +28

Week: 10

- New Music Weekly

"Album Review"

Arrivederci is an talented trio of Indie Electro Pop madness. Members Timothee Lovelock, Adam Piccoli and Zack Gracius began this project in 2007 and have blended varied influences to create their unique first release Goodbye.

Goodbye says hello first with I Won’t Care which begins the introduction with a smooth, catchy dance sound. Do It Again and HD work the room by mixing up the beats, with especially heavy thumping on HD.

Victory, the best track from the CD, shows up next with a great Mediterranean feel featuring attention getting strings and backup vocals, sounding as professionally produced as Sarah Brightman’s Harem album.

Fastforward mingles with lots of auto tuning to get you dancing, and moves you to the next track Sea Of Flames. Relaxing into a sway instead of the full out body rock that the rest of the Album offers, Sea Of Flames brings in a softer sound for romance.

Close The Door is the next surprising run-in with a more edgy rock sound but we have to finally say goodbye with Gimme’ Your Lovin’. The last track parts ways with an optimistic beat and a spoken word high five.

Goodbye is an impressive work of musical ingenuity. The stand out quality of the CD is that each song has strongly unique aspects that change the sound and feel of what is being offered. In the electric pop genre, it is sometimes difficult to keep every song from sounding the same.

Arrivederci has brilliantly overcome this potential faux pas by giving the listener countless elements of variety to be entertained by. - Tony Smith


March 2010 - Single - "Cry"

January 2010 - Single - "Skinny Jeans"

June 2009 - EP - "GoodBye"

"Close the Door" (unmixed version) has been on several internet and syndicated radio stations such as:

KIXR/Ponca City, OK (5a)

WJER/Dover, OH (7a)

KTRN/Black River Falls, WI (5a)

KKRB/Klamath Falls, OR (7a)

WJDR/New Philadelphia, OH (7a)

WWIS/Black River Falls, WI (7a)

QYK/Prattville, AL (10a)

KWYO/Cheyenne, WY (7a)

WOCO/Green Bay, WI (7-10)

WLEX/Lexington, KY (25-35)

KQCR/Hampton, IA (8-14)



ARRIVEDERCI is electro-pop - a new wave of music at its best.

Timothee Lovelock, Adam Piccoli and Zachary Gracius birthed ARRIVEDERCI after discovering a common love for Cold Play, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, and Kanye West. Once they created those inspirational verses and beats on their debut record, GoodBye" (released Aug. 2009), the trio sound became an intrinsic reflection of the melting pot that is America.

As musical alchemists, ARRIVEDERCI marries electro with pop. The art of musical transformation reveals itself through their euphonious fusion of dynamic vocals, hard hitting beats, and melodic chords. This gifted band is undoubtedly giving pop music a new face with an inimitable sound.

ARRIVEDERCI has had the privilege of opening up for acts such as Biz Markie, Common and Bobby Valentino. In addition, Community Service is a valued part of their lives. Consequently, they've shared their time, talent and profits with Operation Smile and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Farewell to run-of-the-mill music and experience the new sounds of ARRIVEDERCI.