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The best kept secret in music


"Black Velvet Magazine, UK – Sonic Thrust review"

Black Velvet Magazine, UK – Sonic Thrust review
(issue #46, page no. 27) Nov’05- Jan’06

“The UK is rife right now with a new breed of flash rock ‘n’ roll bands that work hard and play harder. These guys certainly look the part, sporting long hair, designer shades, a lather of leather and good looks aplenty. Thankfully, the substance therein matches such alluring style, as these London-based lads wield ambition and self-belief to rival U2’s in their early days.
The nucleus of this band revolves around brothers David and Kris Rain, with the former being the pin-up front man and the latter being one hell of an awe-inspiring axe-wielder. Just listen to the chorus-anchored ‘Face The Sky’ anthem for a taste of Kris’ talents on guitar, as a whopping solo brings speaker stacks crashing to the ground. ‘As long as you can breathe’ pits a gorgeous guitar sound against David’s soul-fuelled snarl, and there are moments of grandeur through this five-track release when Arrows Lounge could well be a cross between Guns N’ Roses and the Doors, shot through with the venom of the Black Velvets as preposterous as such an overwhelmingly exhilarating notion might initially sound.
In time, Arrows Lounge will surely to goodness wind up packing out huge stadiums the world over. Because they’re worth it.”

Steve Rudd

4 stars out of 5
- Black Velvet Magazine, UK

"ZERO Magazine, UK – Article on Arrows Lounge"

ZERO Magazine, UK – Article on Arrows Lounge
+ ‘Face The Sky’ featured on the free covermount CD
(Issue #4,page no.28 and 61, December ’05)

Page 28:

Probably the best unsigned bands in the World. It’s not always the case that the best music in the world is commercially released by record companies. There is much more music out there than we all realize, and this section is intended to shed some light on some bands that truly deserve some attention. Each month we will endeavour to bring you two top-drawer bands that it’s in your best interests to check out. You’ll be a better person for it, trust me.

Following a huge relocation from Budapest to London towards the end of 2003, brothers David (lead vocals) and Krís (lead guitar) Rain, along with good friends Gary Adoryan (rhythm guitar) and Peter Dohy (drums) started playing anywhere and everywhere they could on the London underground rock scene. Danny Lucas has been added on bass to hopefully put an end to the long and tiresome issues of non-committed bassists. Vocalist David Rain comments on what Arrows Lounge are all about…
“We could say that we just want to play our
music, but that would sound very self-indulgent and we’re much more ambitious than that. So
basically we’re here to play energetic, dynamic high-quality rock for everybody. It’s not cockrock
and it’s not 80s glam-hair-whatever. It’s our musical vision. But it’s contemporary. We don’t
want to sound old school. We want to be only as much retrospective as innovative. And it’s not
about us reinventing the wheel. We’re just updating timeless rock ‘n’ roll. Having our voice be heard.”
The Sonic Thrust EP sits quite firmly in the “we love old rock bands, but we’re not going
to rehash their stuff” field. Arrows Lounge achieve that lofty position of making slightly more intelligent, pure rock ‘n’ roll. Lyrically there’s no sleaze, no sex and drugs, it’s all real issues and complex lines. Pair this with catchy well thought-out riffs and solos, a solid and tight rhythm section and passionate vocals, and you’re on course for the full package.”

Andy Lye

Page 61:
“ZERO – Falling asleep at the wheel! – Who’s who on the CD […]
Arrows Lounge – Face The Sky
Taken from the promotional EP Sonic Thrust, this is pure unfiltered rock and roll the way it should be played. Take note.”

- ZERO Magazine, UK

"Rock N’ Roll Experience magazine - Arrows Lounge / Sonic Thrust EP"

Rating: 6 Stars!

Every now & again I'll get an indie release by an un-signed band that is really good, but the majority of the times they are craptacular...well, this is actually one of the REALLY good ones! Arrows Lounge is a mix of good old-fashioned rock n roll with a lot of guts, blues based at times, deep vocals & lyrics, & just really good music! The band mixes it up with down & dirty rockers, a little funk, a little soul & lots of attitude! This is one of those bands that you should seriously keep an eye on, because they are amazing & I look for big things to happen to them! The band is from the UK & you can get a copy of their CD or check them out online at

Bob Suehs
August, 2005

1 Star - Crap
2 Stars - This is stuff your Mom might like!
3 Stars - It rocks, but is only okay
4 Stars - This is good, but there's room for improvement!
5 Stars - You should consider buying's a good one!
6 Stars - Sell your car, dog, baby, etc., this is a MUST have! - Rock N’ Roll Experience magazine (online edition),Maryland USA

"Powerplay magazine (UK) - Arrows Lounge / Sonic Thrust EP"

“Sonic Thrust” / Genre: Heavy Rock / Independent release
Wondering when the new Guns N’ Roses album will come out? Concerned that it will never happen? Well don’t fret, there’s always Arrows Lounge. They’ve taken the gunners sound and created something a bit special. “Sonic Thrust” is great, straight-ahead hard rock with no frill or furbelows, just diamond songs.
This album is a five-track “superdemo”, but you wouldn’t know it. They’ve obviously put a lot of money in; it’s glossily well presented with lots of great pics of the band, and the production sounds top notch, the live-in-the-studio-feel paying dividens.
The music has a definite late 70s British heavy rock feel; they don’t do anything spectacular her, but they rock so well that it’s good enough for me. Big brash riffs from Kris Rain, tight drumming, funky bass and strong vocals from his brother David – with nothing to get in the way. That’s the way it should be. That’s the way it is.
“Your eye of the storm” threatens to fall apart completely, but once the cowbell kicks in and cuts loose, it lodges itself in your cerebellum, makes itself a cup of tea and has its mail redirected. The Buckcherry strut of prime cut “As Long As You Can Breathe” might leave you asking who these whippersnappers think they are. “Sonic Thrust” answers that question emphatically.
I have to strike a note of caution – the full album could be a dog. But the signs are good. Hope the album is imminent. Hear that? It’s the sound of breath being baited. ----- POWERPOINTS: 8 (out of 10)”

page 26:
Beg, borrow or steal… This month’s hottest new releases at a glance!

Arrows Lounge – “Sonic Thrust”:
Yes, I know the name is bad, but the music is good. Classy heavy rock, that’s the only agenda here. There are only five tracks but they’re all crackers. One hundred and eighty!

Steve Swift
October, 2005
- Powerplay magazine (UK), Issue #70; “Short Cuts”; page 26 & 31


"The Misfit and the Maverick" EP - 2006

1. Similar Souls
2. Shadows Get Longer
3. Lost

"Sonic Thrust" (promotional EP) - 2005

Face The Sky*
Your Eye Of The Storm
As Long As You Can Breathe**
Worstward Ho

*Face The Sky is played by the following radio stations:

107.7FM The Bone Rocks - California - USA
KAML 96.9 The Edge Radio - Wyoming - USA
The Zone Radio - New Mexico - USA
The Mixture Media Radio - Ontario - CAN
Radio 2xs - UK

**As Long As You Can Breathe is played by the following radio stations:

The Mixture Media Radio - Ontario - CAN


Feeling a bit camera shy


When the Budapest-born members of Arrows Lounge performed at the legendary Marquee Club in London’s Soho District, they knew they had arrived – in more ways than one. The Marquee has long been credited as the starting point in the careers of many revolutionary performers, including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder. Arrows Lounge was in perfect company.

The release of their most recent EP, Misfits and Mavericks continues to highlight the ‘power chill out’ sound of London’s newest breakout band. The members of Arrows Lounge – bassist Dan “Dancey” Lucas; drummer, Peter Dohy; guitarist, Krís Rain; and lead vocalist David Rain – are focused and aiming their sights high.

In some ways, theirs is the timeless rock band story: Dohy sat next to Krís Rain on the first day of high school. They swapped some Lenny Kravitz tapes, became best friends and started a band. In 2004, the two formed a new band with Kris’ brother Dave on bass. When Dave decided to take over lead vocals, Pete and Kris reconnected with a former band mate, Dan Lucas. Of course with such traditional beginnings, they prefer to tell a more amusing story – of how they met in Thailand at an infamous seaside strip bar called Arrows Lounge. Fans seem to like that version better, which also explains the group’s intriguing name.

The band’s 2005 debut, a five-song promotional EP entitled Sonic Thrust, was recorded with award-winning sound engineer Joe Leach at his north London facility, The Cowshed Studio. Two cuts, “Face the Sky” and “As Long As You Can Breathe,” garnered airplay across the US and Canada, as well as in the UK and mainland Europe. Reviews from around the world (including the UK, US, France, Italy and Argentina) were resoundingly favorable.

The release also earned them a full-page article in UK’s ZERO Magazine. Entitled “The headless children: Arrows Lounge – probably the best unsigned band in the world,” the magazine featured a free cover mount CD of the single “Face The Sky” attached to the issue. On another occasion, “As Long As You Can Breathe” was selected and featured as the free cover mount CD of UK’s Powerplay Magazine.

Their newest release, Misfits and Mavericks offers three cuts that continue to show off the band’s range and unique attitude. "Similar Souls" is a mid-tempo, rag-top-down-cruising tune about friends and lovers. The enticing and optimistic song oozes joy but has enough rough edge to give it a Tom Petty-esque feel. "Shadows Get Longer" offers a state of mind, an approach to life, really. The feel-driven song takes you for a ride with symbolic lyrics, a stripped melody and well-crafted vocal harmonies. Tribal drums, a hypnotic bass and a killer guitar hook overwhelmingly pull you in. While heavier than the two other tracks, it's powerful without sacrificing the hook factor. The song’s outro – improvised at the recording session – demonstrates one of Arrows Lounge's greatest assets: dynamic musicianship and that all-important chemistry. Finally, "Lost" is a quiet, introverted song about being lost in - and out - of love. Avoiding typical love song sappiness, it combines an irresistible guitar melody with a suggestive chorus vocal line that stays with you after the first listen. It is an anthem of lonely urbanites making their way through a faceless world.

The intangible allure of skillful songwriting combined with blues-based rock spiced with a little funk, a hint of jazz and dab of classical creates one of the most innovative and irresistible sounds today. Described as “healing the wounded soul” and “awakening the broken spirit,” the music of Arrows Lounge is the perfect remedy for today’s surplus of pointless rock.