When the Budapest-born members of Arrows Lounge performed at the legendary Marquee Club in London’s Soho District, they knew they had arrived – in more ways than one. The Marquee has long been credited as the starting point in the careers of many revolutionary performers, including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder. Arrows Lounge was in perfect company.

The release of their most recent EP, Misfits and Mavericks continues to highlight the ‘power chill out’ sound of London’s newest breakout band. The members of Arrows Lounge – bassist Dan “Dancey” Lucas; drummer, Peter Dohy; guitarist, Krís Rain; and lead vocalist David Rain – are focused and aiming their sights high.

In some ways, theirs is the timeless rock band story: Dohy sat next to Krís Rain on the first day of high school. They swapped some Lenny Kravitz tapes, became best friends and started a band. In 2004, the two formed a new band with Kris’ brother Dave on bass. When Dave decided to take over lead vocals, Pete and Kris reconnected with a former band mate, Dan Lucas. Of course with such traditional beginnings, they prefer to tell a more amusing story – of how they met in Thailand at an infamous seaside strip bar called Arrows Lounge. Fans seem to like that version better, which also explains the group’s intriguing name.

The band’s 2005 debut, a five-song promotional EP entitled Sonic Thrust, was recorded with award-winning sound engineer Joe Leach at his north London facility, The Cowshed Studio. Two cuts, “Face the Sky” and “As Long As You Can Breathe,” garnered airplay across the US and Canada, as well as in the UK and mainland Europe. Reviews from around the world (including the UK, US, France, Italy and Argentina) were resoundingly favorable.

The release also earned them a full-page article in UK’s ZERO Magazine. Entitled “The headless children: Arrows Lounge – probably the best unsigned band in the world,” the magazine featured a free cover mount CD of the single “Face The Sky” attached to the issue. On another occasion, “As Long As You Can Breathe” was selected and featured as the free cover mount CD of UK’s Powerplay Magazine.

Their newest release, Misfits and Mavericks offers three cuts that continue to show off the band’s range and unique attitude. "Similar Souls" is a mid-tempo, rag-top-down-cruising tune about friends and lovers. The enticing and optimistic song oozes joy but has enough rough edge to give it a Tom Petty-esque feel. "Shadows Get Longer" offers a state of mind, an approach to life, really. The feel-driven song takes you for a ride with symbolic lyrics, a stripped melody and well-crafted vocal harmonies. Tribal drums, a hypnotic bass and a killer guitar hook overwhelmingly pull you in. While heavier than the two other tracks, it's powerful without sacrificing the hook factor. The song’s outro – improvised at the recording session – demonstrates one of Arrows Lounge's greatest assets: dynamic musicianship and that all-important chemistry. Finally, "Lost" is a quiet, introverted song about being lost in - and out - of love. Avoiding typical love song sappiness, it combines an irresistible guitar melody with a suggestive chorus vocal line that stays with you after the first listen. It is an anthem of lonely urbanites making their way through a faceless world.

The intangible allure of skillful songwriting combined with blues-based rock spiced with a little funk, a hint of jazz and dab of classical creates one of the most innovative and irresistible sounds today. Described as “healing the wounded soul” and “awakening the broken spirit,” the music of Arrows Lounge is the perfect remedy for today’s surplus of pointless rock.


"The Misfit and the Maverick" EP - 2006

1. Similar Souls
2. Shadows Get Longer
3. Lost

"Sonic Thrust" (promotional EP) - 2005

Face The Sky*
Your Eye Of The Storm
As Long As You Can Breathe**
Worstward Ho

*Face The Sky is played by the following radio stations:

107.7FM The Bone Rocks - California - USA
KAML 96.9 The Edge Radio - Wyoming - USA
The Zone Radio - New Mexico - USA
The Mixture Media Radio - Ontario - CAN
Radio 2xs - UK

**As Long As You Can Breathe is played by the following radio stations:

The Mixture Media Radio - Ontario - CAN

Set List

Our set is based built upon original songs.
However we don't mind spicing that up with some carefully picked covers, especially when it's really appropriate at a certain show, for a certain audience.
Few examples of what artists/songs we covered live in the past:

Rolling Stones ('Gimme Shelter')
AC/DC ('Two's up';'Whole Lotta Rosie')
Red Hot Chili Peppers ('Suck My Kiss')
Aerosmith ("Train kept a-rollin"
Steve Wonder ("Superstitious")
The Cult ("Rise")
Pearl Jam ("Alive")
Black Sabbath ("War Pigs")
Garbage ("Why do you love me")
The Wildhearts ("If life is like a lovebank...")

Our set can consist of up two hours worth of songs, however we prefer a 45-60 minutes long set.