Arrows formed in the spring of 2012. Taking influences of 90's emo and punk rock, the band has released a demo and is currently writing for a new release this fall.


We're three friends from Southeast Michigan who love to play music. We express our emotions and angst through heavy rock music and sing about things that anyone from a small town could relate to.

Lucas Vasbinder // Guitar/Vocals
Evin Daniels // Drums/Vocals
Jon Stafford // Bass


I Try To Forget

Written By: Daniels, Vasbinder

pull me off the ground
where you left me
safe and sound
i'll get there eventually
head above water
i get sucked in
no matter what i do
i just can't seem to win
these walls are paper thin
and this solitude is what breaks them in
close my eyes, and let me sleep
cause i can't bare the thought of you not here with me
close my eyes, and let me sleep
another day's gone but it's all the same to me
i hope you know, i tried to let this go
but i can't


Written By: Daniels

can you feel it in the air
time goes by and it's not fair
i can't even speak of it
your memory does not exist
i tear my insides just to feel anything at all
i'm in pieces; i can't erase this
i know it's not my fault


-2012 EP- September 2012
-Tear (Single)- July 2013