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The best kept secret in music


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CD Title:
Arrow Space (1992)
In this Lovers Land (1999)
Rezrock Europe (2000 )
Arrow Space Wanji (2005)
Arrow Space Nunpa (2005)
Mako Sica (2006)

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Feeling a bit camera shy



Arrow Space beginning as a three piece group on a cold winter day in the Pine Ridge City,SD 1986.

Jimmy Rodriguez, lead guitar, vocals back-up vocals,..and Timmy Mesteth, on drums. (Timmy Mesteth incidently is the one who named the band "Arrow Space" after viewing a very old RKI song titled "Arrow Space Technology") With RKI on the bass guitar and singing lead.

*******RKI was questioned in an interview with Blue Danube Radio in Vienna, Austria about perhaps the name was a copy of Aero Smith a famous Hall of Fame Rock Band. RKI corrected the radio host by noting Arrow is not the same as Aero, Arrow being a projectile used by Native Americans even Robin Hood to hunt. Aero describing modern flight technology. RKI described Space as the beautiful heavens, the sky "Mahpiya" in the Lakota language something very sacred "Wakan" something vast and endless. And Smith in his view being the name of a whiteman, caucasion "Wasicu" or slave taker something not being "wakan" perhaps a man of trade, carpenter, blacksmith, etc. RKI denied the intent to copy such a name Aero Smith, but acknowledged his respect for the famous Rock group.*******

After a personal emergency on the first gig Jimmy Rod had to leave town, but the spirits covered for us by bringing in Jimmy John Wilson on lead guitar and vocals. The gig was on in the Black Hills and Arrow Space was victorious on the first gig.

A few gigs later Timmy had to leave town,..Donnie Mesteth fell in on a moments notice, again safe on a prayer.

RKI felt something missing because he could not play saxaphone on the bass guitar, so Darryl Fast Horse showed up and RKI jumped on the keyboards where singing, playing sax and adding the keyboards placed Arrow Space as the most unique Lakota Sioux Rock Band.

During the years as Arrow Space matured musicians came and left. Arrow Space continued Rocking the Indian Reservations with their unique Rock style filling all the gaps. The late mild mannered David Mouseaux took over for Darryl on bass guitar. RKI became more comfortable inserting more and more originals which the communities called Arrow Space Rez Rock.

Arrow Space started braking out of the Sioux Reservations performing in Omaha, Ne and on to Los Angeles,CA where the band performed along with actress/singer Joenelle Nadine Romero (Pow Wow Hwy). Returning back to Los Angeles, Arrow Space followed the great Native Rock Band "Red Bone" on stage and shook the crowd with the Saxaphone entro of RKI followed by his powerful Rock vocals, and Monte Briggs smoking the lead guitar, thus proving the confidence of the Rock Group from the Rez.

Arrow Space performed throughout the US on stage with many greats, including Yothu Yindi, Black Uhuru, Ulali, Richie Havens, and RKI on Bass guitar for Chuck Berry. Benefit concerts for all causes including the saving of Kinderbaurnhof in Kreuzberg Berlin, Germany, Paha Sapa a benefit for KILI Radio in Porcupine, with Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Kris Kristopherson and many more.

Arrow Space has gained the respect of the international music community and features many international musicians on tour. In the mean time Donnie Mesteth lives in Porcupine, Darryl Fast Horse in Pine Ridge, Pat Clifford in Batesland, and RKI in St. Francis on the Rosebud Reservation, in South Dakota.
We remember the musicians who left but still remembered, especially the Late Jimmy John Wilson on the lead guitar, the Late David Mouseux, bass as well as Scotty Clifford, bass,..Corey Clifford, drums,.. Monte &Robert Briggs, guitar,..
Special thanks to our bro Pete "Wyoming" Bender who sang back-up/piano on Mako Sica/Take Me Back, Havin Her Twice, Steve Hundsdorfer duet-vocals/guiitar on Money Freak, Sylvia Riga vocal recitals on Lovers Land, Claudia Lessak Didgeridoo, Guenther Berger, guitar, Traude Jelinek Chochola on Eagle & Dove.

Arrow Space Venues
Since 1986 Arrow Space, in the beginning, performed troughout the Pine Ridge/Rosebud/Cheyenne River/Standing Rock Reservations.
Performing in Nebraska towns as well as Sheridan Lounge, Gordon on a regular basis and clubs including Valentine, Nebraska. Other Clubs included the Galaxy in Winner, South Dakota.

Arrow Space has donated much of it's time to several Native American causes performing in Sioux Falls Penitentary in Sioux Falls, SD and alsothe Springfield Correctional Facility.
Benefit Performances where always a major contribution on the quest for the poverty stricken.

Arrow Space participated and performed in "Message from An Eagle" in Rapid City, SD....sharing the stage with several Native American Groups including Buddy Redbow, KinRog, Golden Warrior, Slow Hand Band, George Mendosa and many more.

The Badlands Concerts in Interior, SD featuring Reservation Artists, Yamba Yey from the Virgin Island, Prophets of Rage from Kaiserslautern , Germany, The Wolfman Project from Berlin, germany and other intern