Arsen Shomakhov & Ragtime

Arsen Shomakhov & Ragtime


A mixture of electric blues, funk and rock with melodic vocals and blistering guitar improvisations


Arsen Shomakhov formed Ragtime band in his native town Nalchik, Russia, a far cry from the blues mainstream centers. Then he took steps to shorten the distance. The first step made was HEAVY STEPPIN' - an album recorded in 2002 and presented in Moscow at Forte Club which serves as actual Mecca of the middle-class blues-addicted muscovites. The album shocked the audience by inordinate arrangements of the blues classics.

The Russian federal TV channel "Culture" videotaped the performance and showed the cuts in the weekly music program "Jazzophrenia". The tracks from Heavy Steppin’ were broadcast by national and foreign radiostations (English, Danish, Dutch, Argentinian, Australian).The group has entered upon a new phase, taking part in all-Russia blues festivals and making up schedules for the gigs at the best blues venues in Moscow, including the legendary B.B. King Club, blessed personally by the the superstar and since then invariably overcrowded. The club is famous for its wild jam sessions. Arsen Shomakhov too had a chance to jam with some touring blues celebrities (such as Vidar Busk from Norway).

In May 2003 Arsen Shomakhov and Ragtime band opened the festival "Blues in Russia-Spring-2003" and received an invitation to participate in "Ochakovo blues" festival alongside with Jimmy D. Lane (USA), Knock-out Greg & Blue Weather (Sweden) and B.B & the Blues Shacks (Germany).

In September 2003 Arsen Shomakhov produced the second CD - Troublemaker, which revealed his extra aptitude for instrumental composition. The new album also received good press and drew attention of the most acknowleged russian blues journalist and DJ of "All that Blues" radio program Andrei Evdokimov, who interviewed the musician on the air and wrote a favorable review.
Arsen Shomakhov and Ragtime blues band are presently recognised as one of the leading acts on the blues scene in Russia. As for albums, TROUBLEMAKER and HEAVY STEPPIN' lay claim to be the most remarkable Russian blues recordings in recent years


Let me be your Romeo

Written By: Arsen Shomakhov

Hey, baby Juliette
Let me be your Romeo
I say hey, baby Juliette
I wanna be your Romeo
We gonna leave this town together
We won't let them kill our love

Well, I know your father he don't like me
he thinks I'm just a rolling stone
you mother she can hardly stand me
She just wants me to leave you alone

But hey baby Juliette,
I don't want nobody else
We gonna leave this town together
Sure we gonna make some mess

Well, my folks say you're no good to me
They want us to stay apart
They say if I find a new girl for me
They'd buy me a brand new car

So hey, baby Juliette
I guess I'm gonna change my plan
Well, we could leave this town together,
but I just want my Mercedes Benz


Heavy Steppin' - 2002
Troublemaker - 2003
(included in top 25 albums of Australian radio porgram "Blues beat" in December 2003, January-February 2004)
Radio Holstebro (Denmark)
Blues Radio Germany
Radio NRK P-1 (Norway)
Radio Blues Beat (Australia)
Radio RCC (Italy)
Radio Blue Ears (The Netherlands)
Radio Echo of Moscow (Russia)
Radio Arsenal (Russia)
Radio of Russia
Internet radio Atomic Blues (USA)

Set List

two 45 min sets, 10-11 songs in each set. We do covers and originals 50/50

Some covers we do:
Dirty girl (Jimmy Vaughan)
Don't answer the door (Johnson)
Akos (R. Earl)
Born Under a bad sign (Albert King)
Empty Arms (SRV)
Low Down Shakin' chill (V.Busk)
Harlem Nocturne
I go crazy (J. Brown)
T-bone shuffle