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Radio Singles
Grind on da Daily
I Know Im Fresh
Hataz Alwayz Talkin

LP Albums
1 Life to Lead
Fire Escape Part 1
Fire Escape part 2
2nd Hand Smoke



Have you ever had a burning passion, inspired by someone or something? Vinte Clemons aka ARSIN embodied that type of passion for Hip Hop music. On November 23, 1998, in the auditorium of Charles Drew Middle School; ARSIN premiered his talent and passion with his first live performance of Hip Hop Music.

ARSIN was born on October 19, 1987 in Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in “Da Bottom” a neighborhood in the Mantua Area of west Philadelphia. He had the musical influences of artist like James Brown, Michael Jackson, Naughty by Nature, Brand Nubians, Marvin Gay, Bone Thugs-n- Harmony, Nas, 2pac, Eminem. As a child he would entertain his family and house guest with dance performances to the music of James Brown and Michael Jackson. Later he decided that music would be the career path for him. He had his first encounter with Hip Hop music in 1995 when he found a “Brand Nubians” cassette tape on the ground and popped it in his radio. He identified with the inspirational content in the music; it was similar to his struggles and experiences. He realized he could inspire and reach people the same way. He got his name when the crowd began to scream “fire” every time he performed. One day he looked up different names for fire and came up with Arson, which was later changed to ARSIN (Our-sin). His philosophy was that “our – sin”, the idea of right and wrong affects the values of society in terms of classism, racism, political and religious beliefs. He uses his music to reflect his experiences with those issues while creating a versatile sound and performance that is guaranteed to entertain.

As an upcoming artist he performed and won numerous showcases during his high school career. His music started spreading across the underground scene with a commercial sound which later inspired the premiere of his first single REWIND on 100.3 The Beat, a Philadelphia Hip Hop and R&B radio station. The song Rewind was #6 on Dj Touchtone (from100.3 The beat) top ten, then went down to #4 on the countdown. That buzz caught the attention of other media outlets and later did his first live radio interview on 105.3 WDAS fm with Patty Jackson. He continued pushing his music and landed his first ringtone deal with Thumbplay Ringtones Inc. He directed his first Music Video for “REWIND” and has been getting great feedback from his fans, radio and local video shows. He has a new music video "Grind on da Daily" which he also directed and produced, it was the first production of his new company "Open-fire Films". He became very involved with all around production and molding of himself as an artist. He uses his artistic creativity to designed and produce all of his projects and concepts. In 2008 he featured on the Rock The Vote Tour with artist Solange and Talib kewli. He did an official Rock the Vote PSA which was published nation wide. This was followed by his second live interview on 100.3 The Beat which was the #1 radio show during his appearance.

Throughout his development as a person and an artist he has gain a passion for his community and the message he delivers in his music. He has directed and funded educational community festivals as well as his own musical projects such as Music Videos, Concerts, Albums and short films. His work shows he is a hard independent worker with international supporters that are continuing to support his movement. This is a movement to evolve Hip Hop music by contribution as style, image, and soul and sound that only ARSIN can deliver.