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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop


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"Rap Talk"

Rap Talk

Look who's setting my speakers on fire! lol Arsiney what it is baby?

Just working hard like always
Yea man, kick it about "Radar" for a moment?

Radar is a song I actually created in 2007 but it was a real rough draft and concept. When I started composing it the track only consisted of drums and the hooks melody and as the years came and went, when I finally decided to work on my mixtape The Trailer Late 2008, I started to form more of a concept and direction for the record. The track is about when you know someone has you on their radar, almost like in there world you are the only thing that matters but they may be too shy or prideful to admit it. In the song I'm just letting the girl know "I think you got me on ya radar, and if you do, tell me what you see"

How was the Benefit for Sierra Leone?

Man that was real dope it was nice to be gathered in one spot with people not just doing music for their own personal agenda but to be doing what you love for a cause that needs as much love and atenchion as possible. It was a great show I shut it down.

You do a lot of community work, charities, benefits and such. What makes you focus on that aspect of life?

I think it starts with every individual realizing the things in life that either upsets them or makes them uncomfortable, and geinuanliy wanting to do something about it. You have to really want to help. Of course I can do it for my own agenda or because it makes me look good, but I think the best and most sufficient work gets done in this world by people who have a genuine and invested interest in wanting to be a part of change and making the world better. That genuine invested interest for me is love, and I have a lot of it.
You rarely see artist in any caliber take an interest and than actually do something about it and being that you're an indie artist makes your contribution 100x better. People fail to realize it isn't always about money. You have a good heart.

I'm someone who believes in the concept "if I have your back, you can Have someone else's, because you won't have to worry about your own" we can eliminate selfishness if we just focus on helping people less fortunate, and if we all do it, nobody will ever have to worry about falling behind because someone will always have their back. I do for others and hopefully people will do for me

I heard the latest mixtape that you were featured on, there are some great artist on there. Really talented people. Do you plan on collaborating with any of them on your own projects?

I already have collaborated with most of them, I feel like we are all a part of the new class and I always keep my studio door open for anybody that wants to build
Do you usually look for new talent or do you keep it in house?

I like to look because the best work gets done when it's a team effort. As dope as my ideas are I refuse to believe that I am the best god can do because I feel I have so much room for growth. So I just try to open myself up to new ideas and other creative minds that's how the best work gets done.
Your ICM circle is pretty strong as far as move makers, how did you hook up with Marv Dash?

He was managing Young Money Dre and I known Dre since he was like 12 or 13 so one day Dre gave him my music and it was on ever since. I really have love for the people I work with and real recognize real and I like to surround myself with people who have no hidden agenda or alternative motives for wanting u around, it's just about love and growth as a unit. I believe in that and respect that because no matter what people may say there is no passion or drive that has greater motivation then the one powered by love
How long have you been a part of ICM?

For going on a year now
Where can we find you online?

Check me out on,,,,,

- Dzidzoli Quist



What's going on Arsiney?

Aww man just so much grind work and preparation for my new project Insomnia

I peeped the latest drop "Make It Up" on YouTube with Young Money Dre, I like it when you two get on a track. How did you two meet?

Well me and Dre met a while back, hes like my littlebrother for real, I was working with another label when I was like 16 I think he was like 12 maybe 13 at the time. We stayed in touch and been cool ever since. I felt like I wanted to do a track wit Dre that was different but still Dre's lane you know? Like I wanted to bring him into my world but on a song that he could still shine and be him and I felt like Make It Up was the track to do that
Tell me about your relationship in the studio with Dre?

It's just real fun, Dre is a wild dude like his energy is on 100,000 all the time. I think it was like 3:00 in the morning when we were recording that and he was jumping around with mad energy like it was 12 in the afternoon. But at the same time he knows his stuff and when it's time to record he always shows up and does his thing. I'm way more laid back and focused so I guess we just a good balance lol

I dig the energy that comes across when I hear your music. Where does it come from?

Just from my soul, im not really sure to be honest, I just make music from the heart and since it's real to me I guess it just comes across sonically

Yea one of my favorite tracks from you is "Rosebed". Talk about the concept behind that track.

I love that track too and it means a lot to me because that was the first track I ever recorded where I was singing the whole record, usually I might just do a hook here or there. The concept was just about preparing a night of bliss and sexual passion for the one you love or care about. Letting her know everything beautiful is over here with me and you can lay in my bed of roses
Do you sing? lol I hear a few hooks in some songs and I'm just wondering.

I think I will one day be able to comfortably call myself a singer as well as a rapper but at this point I think my vocal control still needs work. I just have a nice tone to my voice so I'm able to get over. But like I said I do think with vocal training id be able to really sing, I have noticed that the more I push myself the better my voice is getting. I can hit notes now that I could never hit before so I'm getting there.

Outside of rapping what do you do? In school, work a 9-5? Family man?

Family man and music that's my life right now. I love to travel and just experience new things.
When did you decide that you were going to make Hip-Hop your career and focus soley on that?

I honestly don't know, I can't remember wanting to do anything before music, it's just always been my dream
Give us your online situations,,,,,

I'll be keeping my eyes on you Arsiney, you have a promising career ahead of you.

Thanks for the interview and if u are reading this make sure you check out my music, follow me on twitter, Google me, become a fan because I do this for all of you. Shout out to the fans, everybody who holds me down from day 1, my family, and my whole ICM fam

- Dzidzoli Quist

"HRR Interview"

Once again I'm sitting with the very talented and busy, Arsiney. A rapper hailing from Harlem NY. What's goodie?

Just working hard finishing up my new project, doing shows, and producing for other artist.
I see L'CREME Clothing line sponsored your latest mixtape, what's your relationship with them?

Well they didn't sponsor my latest mixtape, I was featured on their mixtape. L'CRÈME Clothing put out a mixtape with a bunch of hot artist and I was one of them, my track on the mixtape was called shine. On another note I have my mixtape coming out in a few months called INSOMNIA and it is going to be insane, the first single from it is called Make It Up feat Young Money Dre. I Think L'CRÈME Clothing is dope and they have a real clean sporty/innovative look and I was very happy to be a part of their mixtape.

What was your angle on this latest project?

My angle is to always make creative/classic music that can be played from start to finish. As far as this project is concerned I definitely found a lot more comfort in my abilities as an artist and pushed myself both lyrically and as a composer. I think this mixtape is going to be the one that solidifys my spot in this game and gets the fans talking "ALBUM"

You take great photos, ever thought about becoming a model or an actor?

Thanks for the compliment I've always been into acting I took drama classes it's just music has always been my first love but acting is something I really do want to one day take just as serious as I take my music. When I decide to act it won't be a hobby for me or something I do as a gimmick being that hot mc that is now on the big screen, it's going to be something I take will smith serious. And I have modeled before but never thought about doing it full time

What are your plans for the New Year?

The new year as is every New Year is just about growth for me, and expanding my potential as an artist
Should we expect another mixtape from you soon, or maybe an album?

Mixtape should be here late February and then I start work on my first album

Do you have any shows coming up?

To stay posted on my shows subscribe to my blog and while you're there join my mailing list

What was the biggest move you made this summer?

Being nominated for a UMA Award for the first single off my mixtape The Trailer. I put so much work into my music and I have been doing it for a while now so that was a big deal for me

Keep up the good work Arsiney, your style is truly your own.

Thanks. If your reading this follow me on and subscribe to my blog and stay up on all my new music and everything arsiney. Shout out to all the fans that have been with me from day one, all the new fans, my family, and shout out to my ICM FAM. Subscribe to my and add me on

- Dzidzoli Quist

"ON SITE Interview"


NYC STAND up! LOL What up Arsiney? Studio grind is all I read about when I read about you, so tell me when does the album drop cause I know you have your eye set on an
official joint!
Well, as of right now there is no date or title yet because I’m still
working on my mix tape. Everything I do I treat as if it were major; I treat my
mix tapes like albums, my albums like my first and or last, and my shows
like concerts. So when I’m working on any project that’s where all my
focus is. Right now I’m working on my mix tape INSOMNIA, and it’s going to
be effing insane, it should be out spring 2011.

Compare, compare! I hate when people ask me to compare myself cause I’m me and no one does you better than you ya dig? BUT eff that! Why should I listen to your music? What makes you stand out?
Well you should listen to me because I define real, raw, amazing talent. When I say raw I don’t mean undone. I just mean untainted, I have no execs breathing down my neck telling me what kind of music they want me to make; I will never compromise my talent. I make music that comes from my soul and I generally love what I do. My fans can be sure that they will always receive quality work when it comes to me.

Winter is here play boy! NYC can get very, very cold! Tell us how you plan on heating up the MIC, any events lined up?
I try to keep everything I do exclusive because I feel like my music deserves that seal of excellence. Everything is so mass produced and half assed now a days that I want my fans to feel privileged to have my music, or see a show because I work hard to make it great for them. They deserve it to be exclusive. In general I plan on expanding on my ever growing buzz and proving to people that I’m more than just an underground artist or a one hit wonder by flooding the industry with real creative music and raw presence. I have a few events coming up that u can find out more about by subscribing to my blog Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

How long have you been a rapper?
I’ve been rapping since the age of 9 and recording since 12. I started making music that I was 100 percent confident in at about the age of 22. I’m 24 now so lets say 2 years, lol how’s that for math.

I understand you also write and produce music as well..
Yeah. I’ve been making beats almost as long as I have been rapping and I started really understanding production at about 18.

What software and equipment do you use when making beats?
Protools and assorted tricks, cant give away all the magic lol. I used to use reason and I just started working with fl studio.

You’re actually in the studio right now working on your next mix tape, Insomnia, is this mix tape solely produced by you?
No honestly I don’t think I would ever entirely produce my own album. As an artist I get hype off of other peoples beats, and as a creator I love working with other talented ears and minds.

With the city to city showcases that you’ve been involved with so far, which city shows you the most love?
New York baby all day and I love my city back!

Drop those online contacts, how can we find you and download your Mix tapes?
Follow my blog Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., and u can join my mailing list on my blog site.
Also follow my twitter Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. and my myspace

Again Arsiney, thank you for chilling with ya girl and On Site, knocking out this interview! Much success baby! Any shout outs?
The whole ICM fam. Everybody who follows and supports my music. All my twitter fam.
Every artist that I have worked with and those I will work with in the future, and shout out to you reading this, yea YOU

- Dzidzoli Quist

"Q the Question"

Q the Question??

What’s the deal Arsiney? Thanks for getting with me and So question one. What type of artist would you describe yourself as being??I wouldn’t. I would just say I’m me, and my music is how I express what’s inside. All the other labels ill leave to the blogs, fans and media in general. My roots are hip hop, and my writing ability is really insane and insanely real.

I heard your first Mix tape is doing well in downloads. What would you say is the success behind that project??I don’t know. The Trailer wasn’t my first mix tape, but it is the most accepted and acclaimed. When I was 22, which was when I recorded the first track for it, I just really started to find my self as an artist. The music was great so I felt confident getting it out there. I did that on a small scale, and by word of mouth my popularity grew. I’m not sure there is a blueprint for talent. I’m not sure talent needs a blueprint. I just follow my heart like most people, so I think they can relate to my passion.

I look forward to hearing your growth with the next jump, Insomnia is it??Yes its insomnia, and the work embodies a lot of growth on all levels. I’m really happy with what has been brewing inside of me creatively, and I love the fact that so far I can’t turn it off. It keeps me up late nights, hence the title insomnia.??

When can we expect that Mix tape to drop??Sometime this spring, maybe sooner?

?Who do you have working with you on that, any rappers or producers your featuring??Well it’s still in the works so the list might expand. As of now, as far as producers it’s been me and Juice Orchastra. I got some new producers who I haven’t worked with before by the names of International and Cannon, and I’m most likely going to have Clyde and Harry back for the project. I’m trying to keep the formula that worked last time and just add a little extra punch to it. As far as features go so far just Critical_Ki, Young Money Dre, Dremur, Wordspit, and Kris Kasanova.

Since you’re in the studio right now with Insomnia, do you notice a change in your creative approach when comparing your last project??No change in my approach just maybe in my comfort level in my actual ability as an artist. I’m in a very comfortable and confident place vocally right now and I think it translates well on track??

I hear you’ll be in Philly next month? What’s out there??Yea ill be performing at the “I Standard Showcase” November 3rd, 613 South 4th Street Philadelphia pa 19147 @ 8pm it’s going to be a great night.??

Any other shows we should be looking out for?
Join my mailing list @ arsineyHYPERLINK "".HYPERLINK ""blogspotHYPERLINK "".HYPERLINK ""com and stay posted on any and everything Arsiney??
Quick Question: What inspired you the most today ??Everything I didn’t finish yesterday??

Arsiney, I wish you much success! Any final words??Everybody is a teacher in there own right, whether u see it or not. Someone is always looking up to you. Own your ability to influence lives and strive to always be better. Thats the first step to changing the world. Follow me on twitterHYPERLINK "".HYPERLINK ""comHYPERLINK ""/HYPERLINK ""arsiney ArsineyHYPERLINK "".HYPERLINK ""blogspotHYPERLINK "".HYPERLINK ""com Shout out to my ICM fam. All my friends and fam. All the followers fans and lovers of my music. And all the up and coming creative minds, I do this for you??
- Dzidzoli Quist

"Arsiney coast to coast"

First, let me thank you for sitting with me. Now tell us about the name and why we need to get familiar with you?

No doubt thank you for taking an interest in what I do. Well the name is Arsiney some people call me Ars for short. I have been rapping since I was 9 I'm 24 now. In that time I went through a few names but I decided to go with Arsiney, its the words arson and larceny put together and it represents being hot and stealing the spotlight. As far as why people need to know me? They need to know me because I'm an amazing artist/producer who actually loves what I do so they can be sure they will always get creative quality work from me. In an industry where everything is gimmick driven and manufactured, my music comes from the soul and I'm not just talking but I actually have something to say.

Born and raised in Harlem, NY, a very cultured and sometimes rough city. How has your surroundings affected your choice in music and in life?

Well I was born in an environment where hip hop had a very strong presence. I mean, Harlem is one bridge away from the birth place of hiphop, the Bronx. I was born in the 80's so not only did I grow up surrounded by it but I kind of grew up with it. I feel like me and hip hop are like the streets siblings. As far as how my environment affected my music it really doesn't in any real direct way it more so affected my life in both a positive and negative way and since I draw from life when I create my music my environment sometimes leaks on to a verse every once in a while, I'm not afraid to be vulnerable with my music

With so many artist out right now trying to make a mark, how do you plan on standing out?

I feel as though its not so much about standing out as it is just taking a stand. I don't care about being different cause we all are by nature. That's not what I think about when I create my music, I'm just taking a stand for real artist making what's in their hearts. I just believe in not letting the corporate structure tell you what's in ya heart and I believe I'm gifted when it comes to expressing myself and creating music. So as long as I stay true to me, my music, and who I am as a person I will be different.
Who is your favorite Hip-Hop artist and tell why?

Kanye west because I feel I most identify with him as far as creativity is concerned I wanna be able to do anything creatively when it comes to music, but actually be great at it. I also wanna mold culture and I feel he does all those things, no matter what anybody has to say about him.

Your resume is deep with venues and events that you rocked out. Any more upcoming shows?

I have a lot more shows on the way and I'm looking forward to tours, but right now I'm in and out the spotlight cause I'm working on my new mix tape. Subscribe to my blog site, and you can stay posted on what I'm up to.

I hear you have a mixtape dropping real soon, "INSOMNIA". What's the concept behind this project?

It has a double meaning on just don't sleep on me, as an artist, as a producer, or on my creativity. It is also named insomnia because I have had so many ideas musically lately it keeps me up at night and so far the majority of this mix tape has been produced and recorded all hours of the night.
Tell me about your production style, what catches your ear when picking beats?

I have no production style, I don't think I just feel, both when it comes to making beats and picking them. When you over think you stand in ya own way and since I don't over think it my style varies.

I guess it's easy for you to pick beats since you make your own right? What gets you in the mood to create?

I'm always in the mood that's the part of me that knows that this ability has a higher purpose and its beyond me, its given to me from a higher power to wake up, eat, sleep, walk around all day and always have ideas in my mind? That can't come from me cause it's always there, waiting in my mind, it's like I'm the one playing catch up to my own creativity. That's also one of my biggest fears, that since its given to me, it can be taken away and that one day I will just wake up and my

mind is silent and blank.
Where can we find you online?
Thank you for getting with us here at Coast2Coast! Any last words and shout outs?

Shout out to the whole ICM team. All my family, all my friends all artist I work with and any one who wants to work with me in the future, shout out to you holla at me. Last but not least shout out to all the fans of great music. And coast2coast for this interview, I want in on the next mix tape, lol
- Dzidzoli Quist




New York City Venues

Santos, Blvd, Annex, The infamous Sugar Bar, The Delancey Room, Public Assembly, Summer Stage, Exit, Red Zone, Uptown Comedy Club, Joes Pub, Baggot Inn, River Bank State Park, 49 Grove, Santos, Blvd ,Annex, The infamous Sugar Bar, The Delancey Room, Public Assembly, Summer Stage, Exit, Red Zone, Uptown Comedy Club, Joes Pub, 49 Grove, The Supper Club, Iguana’s, China Club, City College, and River Bank State Park, Basement Mix Records Main Stage, Uptown Comedy Club, Baggot Inn

Out of State Venues
Club H20 and Liquid -North Carolina, USA
Charity Events
Fashion Meets Grade School, P.S 158 – Brooklyn, New York. Blaze the runway, event for Haiti – Brooklyn, New York
Mixtape Appearances

“The Trailor”, self promoted, 2010
“In My Shoes Vol 2, self promoted, 2009
“The Best of Both Blogs, &The LaLa, 2009
“ANatural-Musical Theraphy Album”, DJ Teddy King, 2009

Press Appearances

Audio/ Video Posts

Coming soon

Radio Interviews/ Airplay

”Fat Boy Radio”
“Ear To The Street Radio”
“Rapping Lounge Radio”

Achievements /Awards

Nominated 2010 Under Ground Music Awards (Best Club Banger)



Arsiney Biography
"I am what I do. I am what others need me to be. I am what I accomplish." ICM/Marvel Management Group Presents.....

Michael Alexandre aka Arsiney, born April 10, 1986 to a time when epidemics came in threes; drugs, violence, and HIV. Though he was raised in this era his fate differed. His parents were epidemic-free! Although chaos surrounded him, "his world" was filled with musical legends such as Quincy Jones, James Brown, and Black ivory to name a few. Ars' father happened to be a habitual guitar player and mother a soulful listener; the two provided a blueprint to all that he wanted his life to be. Through sound and rhythm, rap became his reason and protest!
"All talent needs a home away from home". At the age of 12 he joined a rap group called Relicz, lead by then manager Ray Graham and Ivan Tibbs. Nevertheless, a leading light took its place and Arsiney embraced the solo spot with support of his band mates.
Arsiney was young and curious beyond his lyrics, Ivan identified his drive and feed his musical intellect. As Ivan introduced him to music production, Ray enlightened him on music engineering; Arsiney excelled! His outlet became the studio. The studio gave him a safe zone. He could release his inner-city finding on the mic. Ray's headquarter studio kept him off the streets most of the time, but living in the streets showed him how to hustle. Hearing gun shots made him appreciate life and losing friends along the way made him want to speak. His musical experience beyond his years and personal take on life is refreshing and honest. His love for music shows with each track he records.
In Arsiney's own words: