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ARSUN F!ST @ The album, It's A Struggle 2 Get Deep is released worldwide on Domination Recordings

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

ARSUN F!ST @ OSOTS Tour w/ Arsun F!st, Supastition, and Blakout

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

ARSUN F!ST @ OSOTS Tour w/ Arsun F!st, Supastition, and Blakout

FT. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

FT. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



For most rap fans, Florida conjures up thoughts of Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Trina, and DJ Khaled. Older heads may reminisce about the days of Luke and 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan, and DJ Magic Mike. While today's acts may have more drug lord posturing and flossier videos, both schools are known predominently for their bass-heavy, 808-laced party music. But just beneath the surface exists an artist who is going against the grain; his name is Arsun F!st.

Born in Panama, Arsun came to the States at age 8 and has lived all over the country. Musically, he has an undeniable knack for assembling thorough, full-bodied tracks bursting with thick drums and a diverse spectrum of dusty, ear-pleasing loops. On the microphone, his storytelling vibe mixes self-reflection, social commentary, slick punchlines, and classic rap references, often resulting in "rewind" moments to catch his lyrical twists and turns. Though clearly influenced by hip-hop's golden era, his music sounds like no specific region, and isn't inherently underground or mainstream -- it's just nice.

Constantly grinding in the studio, AF's current projects include a mixtape called The Train Don't Stop Volume 1, and a solo album entitled It's A Struggle 2 Get Deep. He is also a member of Team I.A.M., alongside other talented emcees and producers such as Em-eye-See, Watson's Grocery, and Fatman & Tropical. He was recently featured on the latter's Cocktail Music album, and contributed a track to DJ Green Lantern's MySpace Invasion comp. Despite a flooded rap marketplace and an unsteady music industry, there is no doubt that Arsun F!st is poised for a serious come-up. Give him a listen and hear for yourself.

- Brolin Winning (For

What is the tittle of your album, name the producers you have worked with, and are you signed or unsigned?

The name of my album is called It's a StrugGle 2 get Deep. It features production by The Unknown, Fatman & Tropical, Choppy Chope Sounds, and Natestrumentals. I've also completed songs and/or projects with FLO*, Suff Daddy, Blank Beard & Dubby Waters, Percy Flith, and the Jazz Addixx.

And yes, I signed with Domination Recordings in August of 2007.

How long have you been an entertainer?

I've been grinding off the radar for about 12yrs. In that time, i've learned alot about the ugly side of the music game. Whether it be lying ass concert promoters, studio engineers who hate hip-hop, or group members growing apart and eventually breaking up...I've seen my fair share of drama and sunshine.

Where are you from?

I was born in Panama City, Panama (latino por vida!) but due to me growing up in a military household (Pa Dukes was in the Navy) I kinda bounced around from place to place coming up. I've lived in California, Hawaii, South Carolina, Florida, and Maryland over the years.

What are your best attributes to the entertainment industry?

Hmmmm...good question. I would have to say that my patience and free spirit are some of my stronger qualities. I really believe that to be successful in music and life in general, one must be patient. It's very easy to miss out on the finer points if you rush or are too eager to accomplish your goals. Remember, the Tortoise won the race, not the Hare.

And by me being a free spirit, i'm not afraid to experiment and jump outside of the box when it comes to creating music. I know we all have preferences and that's fine, but if nobody challenges the status quo; how can we truly grow?

What are your views about hip hop being dead?

From a fan's perspective, I don't think Hip-Hop is dead, it just needs some balance to inject new life into the culture. It seems like everybody has a new dance step, or new slang to describe selling drugs on record. There really hasn't been a lane for Hip-Hop created without that "mainstream" formula in a long time.

While from the view of an artist, the culture can seem very cruel if you do not buy into the industry's view of what "good" Hip-Hop should like. Because of this, we've had an influx of monotonous material flood the airwaves. Imagine if every time you decided to eat, you were fed the same meal over and over for years. Some people might be like cool, at least i'm eating and keep it moving but you have some out there who will eventually grow tired and demand to be served something different. I find alot of similarities to Hip-Hop in that analogy.

What does it take to make it in this "rap" world?

I always felt that raw skill and talent were enough to get your foot in the door, but it's your grind/work ethic that determines how long you allowed to stay in the house that Hip-Hop built. If this is what you REALLY want, one must be willing to go hard or not at all. And surrounding yourself with a strong team and not a bunch of "yes men" won't hurt either.

Do you have any words of wisdom for success in the hip hop industry?

I wish I could speak more on this question, but to be honest, I have yet to achieve a majority of goals I set for myself in the industry so I don't want to pass out advice prematurely lol. Yeah getting signed was a big deal, but now the real work starts and I believe that success is earned not given. So I will definitely revisit this question after a few more grind sessions...

Are their any people that you would like to recognize?

Yeah, I like to send some positive energy out to Reign, Em-Eye-See, B-Nak, Ian, Boogz, Diggz, Roh, Cami, Ria, and you DJ Risque for showin' me nothing but love since we linked up. Plus everybody who has and will continue to support me on my musical journey.

- Interview done by: DJ Risque (for

Free Download: Arsun F!st "4-Gotten Coconut$" EP
1. Ticky-Ticky BOOM (skit)
2. Manchester United prod. by Fatman & Tropical
3. Good Curses (skit)
4. Hip-Hop feat. Ayyo of Watson's Grocery Prod. by The Unknown
5. I never meant... Prod. by J-DILLA (R.I.P.)
6. Sex in cans (skit)
7. Can a good dude cut too? Prod. by The Unknown
8. Freaky ish (skit)
9. Choppy Fiction feat. Choppy Chope Sounds Prod. by Choppy Chope Sounds

Download here: -

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Arsun F!st wins’s 2007 Up and Coming Artist award!

We would like to congratulate Arsun F!st for winning the 2007 Up and Coming Artist award from We would also like to thank everyone who took time out and voted for Arsun F!st. For more info, check out Best of 2007 Awards.

In other news, Arsun F!st will be releasing his debut "It's a Struggle To Get Deep" on Domination Recordings next month. More news coming soon!

Check for Arsun F!st at - Domination Recordings


Vizual Phloes ep
DJ Green Lantern's Myspace Invasion Mixtape
Cocktail Music Vol. 1
Finally...the ep
It's a Struggle 2 get Deep (Domination Recordings)

I currently have a few songs also in rotation at (podcast)



Arsun F!st is an emcee/producer born in Panama City, Panama. The name Arsun F!st is a metaphor for controversy or sparking a thought. Arsun signifies intentionally setting things ablaze musically while the F!st represents the pound of respect he has for the Hip Hop culture. His emcee style has been described as Visual Flows with a touch of ADHD: the listener is able to close their eyes and visualize the emotion, thought, etc. he is trying to portray in the song but they will need to keep up as he jumps four to five topics in a 16 bar verse. He is motivated by a naked beat and his rhymes are inspired by what he sees in his daily life, all the people who say he is too complex or too preachy and those who support his musical movement. AF came to the US from Panama when he was eight. He has also lived in California, Hawaii, South Carolina, Florida and Maryland. AF has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from S.C. State University, and Associates Degrees in Recording Engineering & Studio Technique and Audio Production from Omega School of Music and Applied Sciences. He uses the combination of education and production/recording techniques to express himself musically. AF thinks outside of the box but is able to write for those still in it. Arsun is currently working on multiple projects. He is a solo artist, but also part of Team I.A.M. which is a conglomerate of ill emcees and producers consisting of Em-eye-cee, Fatman & Tropical, and Watson‘s Grocery. AF is focusing on creating his own lane for his music and with the help of the crew members and their diversity he will be able to reach as many people as possible. The mixtape The Train Don’t Stop Volume: 1 is a setup for his forthcoming album entitled: It’s a Struggle to Get Deep. He is currently featured, along with other artists, on Cocktail Music produced by Fatman & Tropical. Cocktail Music gives you a taste of Arsun with songs such as “Swanky,” “About Me,” and “Smokey Iced Tea” which is also featured on DJ Green Latern’s exclusive Myspace Invasion CD.