BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

i'm the all around artist who has world wide views and concepts that will open the world to my life and experiences that i went through. the part that makes me different is that most artists dont speak on those issues.


i'm the next big thing to hip hop in my eyes, my inspirations are only me, myself, an i. i'm the only person that can hurt me. my music comes from big artists such as kanye west, jay-z, tip, and young jeezy. i look up to artist that came from the bottom to the top by just selling themselves, their stories, and their lives.


rap is a career vol. 1 the table of contents the mixtape is in circulation on the east coast. most of the album consists of hits such as take me home, i'ma legend, she's so fine, naw, mean, and others. it mostly reflects on the change in my music from moving from pa to ga. an enviroment can change your music more than anything else.

Set List

my song list starts with i'ma legend (my newest radio hit), take me home, walkin threw my hood, naw mean, and she's so fine my first radio hit.