Art Brut

Art Brut


Art Brut met at the annual Arthur Brut Convention in Germany. The five strangers were so taken with the eminent scientist that they formed a band in tribute to him on the spot. Art Brut are working towards World Peace, so anything that goes wrong is due to a plot against the band.


Art Brut formed some 18 months ago after singer Eddie Argos decided that he wanted to be in a band because he wants everybody to be in a band, and also because he wants to be a superstar. After deciding to form a band, he quickly recruited Ian Catskilkin (Guitar) and Freddy Feedback (Bass). The band was completed when they met drummer Mikey B on the back of a bus and Jasper Future (guitarist from Eddie’s old Band -Art Gobblins) joined a few months later. Five minutes after this happened (actually it may have been slightly longer than that) they had written their debut single ‘Formed A Band’. ‘Formed a band, we formed a band, look at us we formed a band’ they sang/shouted. ‘We’re going to be the band that writes the song that makes Israel and Palestine get along’ they said, and furthermore ‘We’re going to write a song as universal as Happy Birthday’. Rough Trade released it as a single, lots of people thought they were joking or being ironic but lots of people liked it anyway. It didn’t stop there though, they wanted everyone to form a band so that popular culture would mean more to them. They wanted people to set up franchise bands called Art Brut and they wanted those bands to cover their songs. Again, everyone thought they were joking.

After that, a lot of people were left thinking “how do you follow a single called ‘Formed A Band’ about forming a band?”. The answer is that you write a song called ‘Modern Art’ about being thrown out of art galleries and you get your fans to handpaint each individual 7” sleeve. Fierce Panda released it as a single, and it was one of the biggest selling ever. Lots of people liked it. By this time even their crazy dream of having Art Brut franchise bands was becoming a reality. NME saw them play at the single launch party for ‘Modern Art’ they remarked “Art Brut 17 are at the bar, Art Brut 4 are scuttling around the Barfly throwing pink paint about…Art Brut 138 are hiding in the corner”.

By the end of 2004 the band’s singles had found their way into many end of year polls including NME, Playlouder, John Peel’s Festive 50, ‘Formed A Band’ was even No 8 in Blender’s Top 100 Tracks of 2004. Eddie Argos had made an unlikely entrant in NME’s Cool List and the band were selling out venues the length and breadth of the country. After spending the first part of the new year in the studio with John Fortiss recording this album the band now find themselves in a position where Art Brut franchise bands are contributing b-sides to their new single ‘Emily Kane’ (May 2nd). Lots of people think they are still joking, they still might be, but Israel And Palestine are certainly getting on a lot better, though admittedly that might not be down to them. 2006 has seen the US release of Bang Bang Rock & Roll, with three additional songs. The band has crossed the country on two sold out tours and will be touring with We Are Scientists this fall.


Albums: Bang Bang Rock and Roll (Downtown Records / Fierce Panda, 2006)

Singles: "Emily Kane," "Formed a Band," "My Little Brother," "Good Weekend"

Set List

Sample Setlist:

Formed a Band
Bang Bang Rock and Roll
Blame it on the Trains
Bad Weekend
Post Soothing Out
These Animal Menswear
Rusted Guns of Milan
Modern Art
Moving to LA
St. Pauli
Emily Kane
Nag Nag Nag Nag
18,000 Lira
My Little Brother
Good Weekend