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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Hip Hop Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review for "Articulate Conception""

Articulate Conception
Put the BPMs, time signatures, rap verses and catchy hooks of their debut LP aside, and it makes sense to consider this local hip hop outfit a punk rock band in spirit. Aggression without arrogance, politics without preaching, and social criticism without armchair punditry distinguish the group from the gaggle of rappers still out there today talking loud and saying nothing. The only cons happening here are concept, content and contribution, all of which cement Art Cons as a part of the solution to problems most find it easier to ignore. 8/10 Trial Track: “Waking Life” (Darcy MacDonald) - Montreal mirror

"Rap and role swindles DIY hip hoppers Art-Cons forge forward for Montreal’s underground(s)"

Creating watered-down, dolled-up replicas of the cultures they rob, well-paid mainstream-music market shareholders make off like thieves in the night, appraising value in strict terms of quantity. Instead of counting losses or bodies, Montreal hip hop band Art-Cons creates value with words.
“The jumping off point for hip hop is, you’ve got like 45 seconds of verse, of straight fuckin’ talking. Any idea you have, you can communicate,” rapper BK says, contrasting his group’s parallel love of hip hop and aggressive rock. “You can communicate, like, 30 ideas in one verse. In one rock song, you might have one idea that is communicated in the span of four min utes.”
Fellow founding MC Butter came up with the group’s moniker by abbreviating “articulate conceptions.”
“The birth of words,” says Butter, as BK simultaneously states, “Word is born.”
That notion became both the pair’s first track and a functional internal band ideology. “On the [upcoming] CD we have, the first song is about how you can do a lot of things with words,” But ter says. “Whether it’s politics, singing, songwriting—”
“German kung fu!” interjects DJ Kid Kebec, Art-Cons’ live turntable controller.
He and guitarist Jeremy Murray round out the posse, flexing the band’s extra muscle at shows by bringing a live element that both distinguishes and gives broader access to their brand of angry good times.
Self-described as “hip hop with punk rock values,” they align music and message with brothers in rhyme MurderFace at Katacombes this Friday, alongside new-blooded Montreal punk rock trio BCASA.
“I’d go so far as to say that MurderFace and Art-Cons are probably more punk rock than most punk rock bands these days,” BK says, breaking down the mutually disaffected roots of the two cultures. “[Punk and hip hop are] like ADD music. [People who] just wanna go out and get their shit out, they don’t wanna even learn how to play an instrument. They’re just like, ‘This is who I am, and I’m gonna fuckin’ show the world who I am, and what I’m made of.’ And for every fuckin’ jackass out there with a faux-hawk and an Ed Hardy shirt—fuck you, you know what I mean?”
“It comes straight out of our pockets,” Butter says, emphasizing their indie ethic. “We all have our jobs that we’re busting our asses at, you know. So it’s kinda the blue-collar blues goin’ on. There’s no outside investment coming in. No Stephen Harper, motherfuckin’ asshole. ’Cause fuck,” he chuckles, “who’d want that asshole’s money?”
Hoping to complete their debut LP by mid-winter, the band is already anxious to move on to the next. “For future projects, we’re gonna more or less do it all ourselves,” says BK, frustrated but accepting of the long process behind this first project, for which he also produced half of the beats.
“When you do things by yourself, things sometimes take a lot longer. When something comes up in your schedule, you’ve got to prioritize that for that second.”
“Let’s stay positive,” Kebec reminds him. “Guns N’ Roses took 13 years to put out Chinese motherfuckin’ Democracy!”
“And that is probably the best album of our lifetime,” concedes BK. “It was worth the time and the effort. I own six copies.” ¦ - montreal mirror


Art Cons "Articulate Conception LP"

Purple Heart Attack (frequent) rotation on radio Mcgill CKUT 90.3 and appeared on Little Baby Records "L.B.R.2010 - High School Freakshow" as well as Al Tarba "Lullabies For Insomniacs) 15k+ downloads
Articulate Conception (Reached #3 on k103 Real City Countdown)



What do the Planet of the Apes, Dr. Phil and fat chicks have in common? Answer…Absolutely nothing. The Art Cons are a half punk rock and half hip-hop group hailing from Montreal and Sherbrooke. They have individually and collectively shard the stage with: GZA, Sean Price, Black Milk, Marco Polo and Torae, Rustee Juxx, BCASA, A.G., Prince Po, Onyx and many others. Now with a full live band and their debut album "Articulate Conception" finally available, they are poised to scare some hipsters, while laughing maniacally to the bank to cash their two digit royalty checks…..beware of the wrath of Cons.