Art Cons

Art Cons

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN
BandHip HopPunk

Extremely high energy punk rock/hip hop band, with a killer live show. Socio political without ever being preachy and tongue-in-cheek without ever falling into gimmick or cheese. Art Cons represent the lost art of someone trying to do something different.


What do the Planet of the Apes, Dr. Phil and fat chicks have in common? Answer…Absolutely nothing. The Art Cons are a half punk rock and half hip-hop group hailing from Montreal and Sherbrooke. They have individually and collectively shard the stage with: GZA, Sean Price, Black Milk, Marco Polo and Torae, Rustee Juxx, BCASA, A.G., Prince Po, Onyx and many others. Now with a full live band and their debut album "Articulate Conception" finally available, they are poised to scare some hipsters, while laughing maniacally to the bank to cash their two digit royalty checks…..beware of the wrath of Cons.


Art Cons "Articulate Conception LP"

Purple Heart Attack (frequent) rotation on radio Mcgill CKUT 90.3 and appeared on Little Baby Records "L.B.R.2010 - High School Freakshow" as well as Al Tarba "Lullabies For Insomniacs) 15k+ downloads
Articulate Conception (Reached #3 on k103 Real City Countdown)